Tuesday, August 25, 2009

36:36 week 3; adaptation- finally.

who says kettlebells don't build muscle?The after max pump.

Well, it's about time this got a little easier. In fact I was kicking butt for the first 15 sets, going faster than ever and feeling it less.Both HR and respiration were low which is my most important indicator that I have adapted a bit to the workload. That and not getting a crazy, massive forearm pump that threatens anyone( Tracy) who is in front of me with a flying kettlebell :))
Of course I haven't let go of one yet but that's no guarantee.
This was also my forth training day in a row, which for me lately is great. Of course it was Tracy's forth workout TODAY but I would quit training if I had to compare my work capacity to hers so I was happy with that. Especially after yesterdays second Bikrams class in two days , which was way harder than I thought.Never too late to get back into shape.
I think this also could be 36:36 PR but I am too lazy to search my blog right now but if it ain't it's close.
I definitely could have kept up the pace and acceleration except for my grip. I could explode, total body wise, but it would have ripped out of my hand.So I finished about 5 seconds early each set and did overhead hold for the remaining time. At the end I was holding for a 2 second or so pause the last five sets. So I didnt lose the bell. Going really hard and fast at the beginning really cooks the grip and once it's gone it's almost impossible for me to recover on the fly.
Heartrate was 180 and up after the 15 sets. Prior to that not even 165. Once it jumped though that was it.
Tracy of course was doing 20 rep sets per 36 seconds with the 12 kg AND getting solid overhead lockouts. She has been focusing on that and it's paying off.
As I said this was her fourth workout today: spinning, two kb classes and a Bikrams class. THEN 20 rep sets in mvo2. freaking crazy.Just watching her go was all the motivation I needed to not give in my grip.


Snatch Vo2
16 kg
25 sets of 15
375 reps
5625 lbs

I was briefly thinking of doing 16 reps for the last five sets, and I could have, cardio wise, but not grip wise. Have to get my 35 sets of 15 to earn my right to do 16s.Soon. It's a done deal. Only won't happen if I quit and that won't happen so it's done.

25 lb Clubbell pullover and press( barbarian)
4 sets of 8

25 lb two handed sheild casts
4 sets of 8

a little hypertrophy work. nice to feel the pecs and tris work a bit.



Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm only doing 4 workouts a day trying to catch up to your lifetime total....which will NEVER happen.....Mr. "train 6 hours a day, run 8 hours a day, lift 100's, no probably 1000's, of pounds a day" lol

Mark Reifkind said...

lol,thanks my love.I just wish I could keep up with you, now.that's stuff I 'used to do'. Mrs. Amazing.

Jordan Vezina said...

I think your forearm is almost bigger than your upper arm.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man, that's what I saw too and why I took the pic. kbs build the heck out of forearms AND biceps. at least mine. havent done ANY bicep work in so many years.except snatches,lol.

Royce said...

Dude, nice to see you're back on the 'net. I just started blogging again too.

Dat's a big forearm by the way :-)

Mark Reifkind said...

Hey royce

good to hear from you and glad you're back. me too,lol.
and it ain't a bad forearm if i say so myself.