Wednesday, August 19, 2009

36:36 week 2

36:36 always kicks my butt and today was no exception, even though I felt good coming in. It's just the grip despite the fact that my ending heartrate was 190 at the end of the 22 sets.The forearm just pumps up and hanging on to the bell becomes the most important consideration; even at a paltry 15 reps per set.
I did stay in the set the entire 36 seconds, I used longer holds on the last five reps per set and tried to hold the last rep until the buzzer when off. But I need to be doing at least 16 reps per interval at some time soon.y grip will give out before my cardio though and that's the problem. I'll just stay with 15 reps until I can do 35 sets and then ramp up. I'm slow but I get there.
But it's especially hard when Tracy is laddering from 14 -18 reps per five sets with the 14 kg! That's just 2 kg less than I am using! Not good for me.I can't imagine( imagine that,lol) 18 reps per set. that would kill me and she was barely sweating.Hey, give me a heavy single anyday.

36:36 snatch vo2
22 sets of 15 reps with 16 kg
330 reps
11,880 lbs

Two Hand clubbell arm casts
25lb x 10 x 6 sets

Bottoms up clean and press
16 kgt x 1 each arm
20 kg x1 each arm
24 kg x1 each arm PR!!

man I havent' tried this in ages and just got the hit that I should do it.I know I haven't done both arms before with the 24 kg! thats crazy.I so wish I could train the press again like I used to. I used to not care at ALL about my bench press, or pressing ability in general because it was a strong point and I was all about my weak points. SO much so that I never really enjoyed just how good I was at it! crazy.I know I could have pressed the Beast, at any bodyweight.I just know that training the press now just doesnt work for me and I can't push the edge anymore. Just not worth it.
But coming back and doing little things like this are so good for my head.It's nice not to have lost it all..



Boris T. said...

Nice work on the 36:36, as well as the casts.

So I actually did a 36:36 today, forgot how challenging it is. Didn't prep my hands before the workout and tore a callus on the 16th rep. Posted a write up on the blog with a quick video as well.

Mark Reifkind said...

interesting stuff eh? it's hard when you are trying to be as explosive as possible on each rep and still do fairly high reps( at least for me).
I do pure over the top style as well which makes it tougher on the calluses and the forearms.
I can't beleive Tracy can do 16, 17and 18 reps per 36 sec so easily with the 14 kg. man that's only 2 kg from what i'm using and it's kicking my butt!

Aaron Friday said...

Bottoms up with the 24 is pretty damn cool! Nice.

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks man, I was suprised how strong it was considering how long it was that I pressed anything. I think the bottoms up press is THE move for perfecting the mechanics of the regular press. EVERYTHING has to be perfect for it to go.great drill.

Aaron Friday said...

I agree. I never farked my shoulders doing bottoms-up.

Also, bottoms-up with a 16kg requires concentration, while regular presses with 24kg do not.

Mark Reifkind said...

exactly aaron. I still think the b/u press is superior for teaching the perfect mechanics of regular pressing as well.
and as far as regular pressing not requiring as much concentration I would just say that depends on how heavy the bell is,lol.
seen alot of people miss the Beast just from lack of concentration.
I want to bottums press the 28 kg soon I know I can do it and eventually the 32kg.I just have to space out the attempts far enough,lol.

Jordan Vezina said...

Great work Rif. A 24 kg. Bottoms Up Press is no joke. I've long been of the opinion that you could have done the Beast Challenge without much issue back in the day.
Implementing bottoms up presses and stacked presses recently into my pressing program has made a huge difference. Instead of driving my card full tilt through the city streets I'm looking at a road map first.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Jordan

I beleive the bottoms up press is THE best assistance form exericse for both the military press and the bench press.
and ,all false modesty aside I have no doubt I could have tamed the Beast when I was full in my powerlifting mode.
I could seated overhead db press 115 for triples and have done pullups for 3-5 reps with 100 lbs plus. no long as I got to use my right leg on the pistols I would have got it.
it's only 100 pounds for gods sake.