Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Ruck. Hard work, work.

It was just work this morning, as I expected it would be. It doesn't take much to take the cream off the top of my fitness and missing a week of "training", world travel across many time zones and montezuma's revenge didn't help either.

But I knew it wouldn't matter, either. I would just ruck up and do my best. See who was home, as Glenn would say.
It wasn't that bad; the first five laps were around 8:30 seconds and the body just didn't want to go any faster but then on lap six things loosened up and I got to 8:15's then the last three laps were all around 8:00 or less!

Two hours, twelve laps.
Same 15 kg ruck weight. Won't bump that up til I get back from Sweden  July 1.

Glenn put on this Army Cadence song above yesterday during our sets and I thought it would be good to listen to as I walked my laps.

It was. But after a few times it started to distract trying to get the next one up on the phone so I ditched it.

But, it was in my head and that was even better

28 kg front squat tomorrow. Can't wait


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