Monday, June 02, 2014

Front squat on Monday, 20 kg, 36 kg belt squats, hip sled

These were probably the best squats I have ever done. Definitely the most symmetrical and deepest. It was only 20 kg bells but for the first time, perhaps ever, felt like I had TWO legs under me when I was squatting.

And man, let me tell you after squatting on basically one leg for all these years, two is a LOT easier. And stronger. And more balanced, lol.

Had some big improvement in my supported static squat stretch yesterday during the walk. Yesterday was just a great hike day overall, in many ways and the squat depth improvement was a big part of it.
I stopped alternating stances each laps and just stayed with my optimal squat stance- which is on the medium side of medium wide and I just kinda "dropped" in another inch or so and it felt great. And it seems to carry over to todays squat.

As usual more free squatting than sitting on stability ball today. Knees felt good. A bit tired from the weekend but definitely better than normal- less stiff - more recovered.

Goblet squat
16 kg x 3 x 2
20 kg x 3 x 2

this is turning out to be a great warmup

Double front squat
2 16s x 5 x 2
2 20s x 5 x 10 sets
50 reps
4400 lbs work

that's not a half bad workload either

Belt squat ( on 10 kg plates)
36 kg x 10 x 4 sets
ALL touch floor,strong and deeper here too.

Hip sled
95 lbs x 250 ft x 5 sets
Five is the new four.

Ring tricep extensions
3 x 18, 13, 8 :)

tricep death. perfect.shoulders are excellent

datsit. Wheels up tomorrow and a week of beautiful Italy and kettlebell teaching and coaching. Can't wait.


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