Sunday, June 01, 2014

Ruck on Sunday

Perhaps the strongest yet even though I had a bit too much vino last night and was a touch slow getting up :)
 And, as keeping with my nature I was slow getting started but finished fast.
First lap was 8:25.
Last lap was 7:55 :)
Each lap got faster as I warmed up and got looser.
Same pack weight, 15 kg and same number of laps : twelve.
Shoulders were sore when I woke up making me re think the crawls but loosened up very quickly. not the same as before when they didn't loosen up for days so they will probably stay in for now.
When I get back from Italy the pack weight goes up another 2.5 pounds to an even 35. Once I hit 40 lbs it will stay there for the duration.
Each lap had a 30-45 second supported squat stretch and they were the deepest I've gone yet. Stayed with one width this time and it really worked well.


now that's a ruck :)


Morgan L. said...

Recovering from vino is part of the challenge! You should work up to 3 bottles and a ruck!

Mark Reifkind said...

It is :) I'm in heavy practice that's for sure :)
best way to clean out a hangover, can't wait for the real summer :)