Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday ruck; fast finally.

Surprised me today; went faster than normal , earlier than normal. Interesting. Had a solid workout yesterday- was strong but it wasn't "easy" strong. I still had to dig but there was something there to give.
Today I had no idea but the walk to the park and the first lap weren't that sloggy, a good sign. started off with 8:25 laps but then it started to really loosen up and I found a solid groove- loose and fast and could really feel the load on the glutes, not the knees or back. Another great sign.

Lately it's been taking 8 or so laps to get under 8:15 on the lap but today the sixth lap broke and then seven, eight and nine were all at 8:00 or under! Best yet. Lap ten was the same but I could feel fatigue setting in and lap 11 was 8:10 or so. I thought I had bonked but pulled it out for the last lap with a 7:55. Sweet.

When I get back the ruck weight goes up to 17 kg close to the goal of 20 kg. Once I reach that it stays there with a few exceptions once in awhile

Still did squat stretches each lap as well as some shoulder mobility circles and lat stretches. Shoulders feel great now as I write this.

Interesting video by serious powerlifting AND Ultra marathon/triathloner Alex Viada. I agree completely with him and love the logical approach to training he takes. He completely groks the vital importance of recovery in this whole training equation :)

datsit. Legs tomorrow ( probably goblet squats as I prepare for my trip to Sweden and another SFG Level 1 course.



Morgan L. said...

Viada's formula is focus over compromise. He wants to be elite at a few things. For me I would rather be all around good at many things but not necessarily elite at any one thing. I value compromise over focus.

Mark Reifkind said...

morgan, I put that up for you, as you might have guessed. I understand your point but you have to be careful- it's not just about being elite at a few things- if you do TOO many things it will be hard to get past beginner stage at most of them.
this will be even more apparent as you get older and your recovery ability gets less
but enjoy being able to do so many cool things as long as possible, too!

Morgan L. said...

I'm listening believe me! Especially after getting my ass kicked in Judo!