Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Ruck

It was  a warm wet morning , just perfect for the walk. The air was clean and clear, there was a beautiful breeze and the Pineapple express, the airflow from Hawaii , bringing us water as well as warmth was lovely.

It was a good day to go for the PR ten laps I have been shooting for as yesterdays 24 kg swing work didn't take that much out of me.
But the ten laps weren't easy anyway. I started out at 8 minutes per lap and finished that pace too, stopping every lap, as I have been, for squat stretch variations for up to a minute in length. This really stretches out  my legs and makes the hike that much easier but it breaks my stride and it takes a good 1/4 lap to get the rhythm back.
Total Hike time : 1:47 minutes.
 I swear the pack felt heavy but it was the same as last week, 25 lbs, but the warm weather made me sweat a lot more. This will be very interesting in the summer :)

Four weeks of ten laps and then the pack weight goes up , nice. Legs felt solid but my feet were not that happy at the end. Where's my lacrosse ball now?


Unknown said...


Make sure in the summer time you hydrate really well the day or two before the ruck…I found it makes a difference. You probably want to do these really early in the morning as summer Cali weather and rucking can lead to heat injuries…No good. Keep on, keeping on!

John Kline

Mark Reifkind said...

John thanks for the advice, makes sense.I was sweating a lot this am and it was just in the low 50's! and my favorite time to walk is always right before sunrise. love it.

it was so back in the day when i was in endurance athlete mode.

take care and thanks for the comment