Sunday, February 02, 2014

Rucking in the rain

Awesome walk this morning! There was a full on rainbow in the northern sky BEFORE it started to rain on me, an awesome portent as we are in the middle of a serious drought here in Northern California.
The rain started slowly, around lap 4 and by lap 6 it was coming down medium hard but I love walking or running in the rain and it wasn't cold and I was dressed for it.
Got NINE laps in ( PR) in 1:25 so I was walking faster than normal as well. Same size ruck ( 25 lbs). Next week ten laps then I go up in weight. I'll add some water bottles this time and get it to 28 lbs or so.
Legs are definitely getting stronger.

Stopped each lap for 1 minute of squat stretches holding onto my favorite tree as well. Didn't mess about with so many stance variations, just settled into a medium stance to let the depth sink in. It did. :)

Lots of stretching to do later today and tomorrow 24 kg snatches.

ooh yea!

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