Monday, February 24, 2014

Back off day, 24 kg snatch, belt squats, shoulder rehab

Long day/night yesterday. The combination of the 35 lb clubbell work and the pushups with feet elevated  on the box overworked my pecs and forearms and pulled my clavicle out enough for it to keep me from sleeping.
Actually I slept a little but I was out in gym at 2 am stretching on the rings trying to set my shoulder back into place.
Haven't had to do that in quite awhile and can't say I missed it.
Since I couldn't sleep I got into the studio at 5 am and had plenty of time to open up the shoulder and get things settled in. worked pretty well. Usually it's the shoulder itself but this time it was the clavicle at the AC joint.I hate new stuff.

anyway got another 30 minutes of mobility work in as well later and thought that snatches might just be the thing to re set the shoulder where it's supposed to be. 24 kg was on the schedule and I had NO idea whether I could do that but I would know right away.

At any rate even if I could it would be a light workout.
Did my best Warrior Diet day in eons with just almonds ( handfull at 9)and green tea all morning and felt surprisingly strong. I miss being able to fast.

one arm swing warmup
16 kg x 5/5/ x3

16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 4/4
24 kg x 5/5 x 8 sets
80 reps/
4240 lbs

As I hoped the warmer I got the better the shoulder felt and the 24 kg was the best, as the extra load helped stretch out the pecs and shoulders well. Just had to be careful not to tax the grip/forearms too hard but my new groove is STILL holding and I feel strong and safe with it.
it feels like my snatch did in the beginning, all me, my own version of how to swing this weight overhead, with all my strength and weaknesses/ injuries and strange limb lengths taken into account but not available for explanation.
I just do it.
I mean I could break it down if I wanted to but I don't anymore. I just want to be able to do it.

Belt squats

wanted to give my arms a break as well as see whether all my recent depth work in the bw squat is paying off. I has

32k g x 10
40 kg x 8 x 3 sets

these were HARD and good. the first set I tried not to hold on, then I realized I needed a counterweight of somekind, either like a goblet squat or a front squat rack weight or a support. I chose to hold onto the bell and it was the best of both worlds, support I could lean back against but didn't overwork my arms
The bell was touching the floor with the strap double looped and my legs felt every second of tension. love it.

db rear delts, thumb up lateral and side raise
4 sets of 20 for blood flow and delt balance

easy day time to eat and stretch and, hopefully, sleep



Kikolu said...

What is your opinion on rucking instead of easy runs for a runner? I would do it in the rolling hills instead of my long run. Is that plenty?

And whats your point on BWE? I dont have equipment beside parallettes. Whjat programm would you advise beside running and biking and rucking a ton?

Mark Reifkind said...

I see rucking as strength training for my legs.I'm trying to progress the weight in the pack as well as the time on my legs.

if you were to do it easily with a light weight ruck( for you) and a easy distance( for you) it could be considered a sub for an easy run but not for a long run.

If you are a distance/endurance athlete there is no substitute for the weekly overdistance run.

bodyweight exercises ( BWE) are crucial to athletes if you CAN'T do them. That is, if you can't do pushups, pullups, handstands etc, you should learn how to.
once you can do them you can add them into your routine according to how they fit into your overall goals.

I can't give advice about exercise selection as I don't know you or your goals

Real strength is always crucial so basic barbell, kb and bw strength always has to be in the mix.

what's the goal?

Kikolu said...

thank you for that!
My goals are to come under 40min in the 10k and to get more pull-ups (curr. 9) and push-ups (curr. 45).
thats it.
Any advice?

Mark Reifkind said...

pretty straight forward. train as a 10 k runner would and add in some pullup ladders 2-3 x week and perhaps deadlifts 1-2 times a week for 3-5 rep sets