Monday, February 10, 2014

20 kg snatches. rack lunges and crawling

Learned my lesson last week and made sure today I got my shoulders stretched out and mobilized this morning before my snatch work, as well as right before and ,duh, it made a big difference. Sometimes just getting started stretching them out is painful so I avoid it but no longer.

Using the "easy does it" breathing pattern makes a huge diffrence as well. When I get into rep sets I don't use power breathing as it really increases heart rate. It makes me stronger but I don't need max pressure to snatch the 20 kg.I try to purposely "not breathe" during the set just concentrating on doing the rep and letting my breath "happen". SO much easier I can't believe it. Maybe 10-15 reps per minute slower with this technique.

I also let the bell's arc drop lower on each rep and boy that made a difference as well Federenko does this when he snatches and I've found myself doing in the past by accident . Today i did it on purpose and it really works for me.

I don't drop it as low but it's the idea and the arc is much smoother for me.Less grip stress as well.It mimics my old deadlift style as well. It ain't pretty and it's not SOP but it's mine it seems :)

14 kg x 5/5 x 2
16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 10/10 x 7
         x 7/7
134 reps

only 4 more than last month but much at least it's in the right direction. Yesterday's ruck didn't effect me too badly in the back but I was just a bit overall tired from the last two days work.

Rear Lunges KB rack

Got this idea from watching Joe lunge the Beast in this fashion. I like it. this was a first try and it seemed to work very well. Depth is limited in the front leg, as well as forward translation, but it really gets the glutes as well as quad on the front leg and it was comfortable to do.

Rear KB Lunge
BW x 10/10
12 kg x 8/8
16 kg x 8/8
12 kg x 10/10

4 passes 50-60 feet.

definitely getting easier but still TONS of work everytime. about ten feet longer each pass this time.

Pbar pushups
3 sets x 7,8, 10

hands on horizontal feet on floor. All reps paused. NO clunking at all. The crawling is paying off it seems on my rotator stability. At least in this plane


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