Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Double 32 kg Swings.

Well, this was a nice surprise! I went to bed thinking that  doing double swings with the 32's might be on the menu today and it worked out perfectly. I really want to make doubles the highlight lift of Wednesdays now and get a lot of work and practice in on my new favorite swing. As much as I used to hate them, that's how much I love them now.
Figuring out how to do them right had  a lot to do with that change of heart,lol.

It also helped that a new stick stretch I'm doing might have actually got Both my shoulders in the most stable position they've been in in years. NO PAIN OR ACHE in either shoulder in who knows how long and that makes Mark a happy boy:)

Living with a pretty much constantly subluxed shoulder is not even close to fun.I'll go into it in more detail on another blog but suffice to say it's an extension of my new found love of curls, supinated arm and external rotation movements.

Ok, it's just an undergrip stick raise from thigh to overhead with completely locked arms.Sounds like nothing but there is big mojo on here for me. I used to be able to swing around a horizontal bar in this grip doing giants and stalders and hecht vaults and all kinds of other cool moves and I've forgotten to train this position for years.

The undergrip externally rotates the shoulder while the curl grip also lets me lock the elbow with my own unique arm carry position AND, most importantly, not only allows but encourages the correct downward scapula motion that is so hard for me to get when my arms go overhead in the pronated position.

Seems to be a nice transfer over, also, to the pronated position once the lower scaps get activated.

Honestly, I didnt' actually know if I would ever figure our the key to getting my overhead position back. this is the closest I've come yet to  making that giant leap forward.

Two kb swings
2 16s x 10 x 2
2 20s x 10 x 2
2 24s x 8
2 28s x 8
2 32s x 6 x 3 sets! PR!!
2 22s x 10 x 2 sets

The second I pulled back on the 32's and they felt light in my hand I knew it was going to be no problem. The double swing is so comfortable for me now with the wide stance mimicing all those years of my power squat training, vertical shins really let my knees alone, wider also loads my hip preferentially to the back even in my  low angle bottom position AND the wide stance allows for my arms to be pefectly straight in the bottom unlike one arms where I have to cross midline.
The double 22s felt like toys :)

Two bell swings don't require this midline cross. Much easier on everthing. Not as much power but more strength to be sure. 140 lbs of bell is barely 20 lbs less my bodyweight :)) And there is much room for growth.
I definitely want double 36's as that IS my bodyweight.:))
OK double bulldogs would be cool, too:)

Sled drags
65 x 200 ft x 2
75 x 200 ft x 1 ( too much on left knee)
65 x 200  1
800 total feet.

more tired in the knee than expected. plenty of work though

DB Curls
20 lbs x 8 x 4 sets

want to do one day dbs, one barbell and one band curls

Band Back Press
single red x 10 x 3 sets



Joe Sarti said...

Wow! Awesome and let me know, I will drop off the 36 ;)

Mark Reifkind said...

lol thanks joe, it will be at least 5 weeks but soon enough :)