Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Double 24 kg swings.

This is a breakthrough for me. These were not hard or heavy at all and I can easily remember just a few short months ago when double 16's kicked my ass. I was just getting in my own way,technically, but it might have been the same if those 16's were double 40's, they were that hard.

I went into this thinking of this workout as a 'light' one instead of the top of the ladder as it has been. Being able to swing the double 32's did make a huge difference in strength and confidence.

My shoulders feel the best they have in years, literally, and I almost can't believe it. It's also amazing for me to look back at the last few months and realize how much pain I'd been in with those things. Almost constant. And just figuring out the right way to balance the structure and , BANG, the damn joint sits where it's supposed to and all the residual( well almost all) muscle tension and pain just dropped off. Crazy.

Good. :)

Full mob and stretchout this AM 6-7

Double Swings
2 16's x 8 x 3
2 20's x 8
2 24's x 8 x 10 sets
2 20's x 8
2 16's x 8 x 2

this was great. did some extra down sets to practice even more on the groove.

Sled drags
6 sets of 200 ft laps
1200 feet

First 2 sets with straps on hips, then 2 with power belt attached then back to straps on hips. This was interesting. With the straps on my hips they tend to slide down to the tops of the hip flexors SO I attached the strap to my old power belt and walked like I used to.

MUCH harder on the glutes but also on the lumbars. TOO much abs for me and it encouraged me to push on the belt like I used to when I was powerlifting and it brought back bad memories, lol. Back to the hips or will try again with straps on shoulders.

I also need to re incorporate different types of carries. rack walks, farmers walks bottoms up walks , etc. Being able to carry things, an assortment of things , is , as Dan John says, one of the essential strength patterns.

Band curls 
blue x 15
black x 10 x 3 sets

Band Back press
single red x 4 x 10 

Love these and they are actually getting easier. especially the setup which involves a lot of external rotation mobility and strength in itself!

LOTS of curl grip overhead front raises throughout the day, with and without the stick. Love these. Need these. My shoulders thank you :)


The Stones Stand Guard.


Diana said...

Your blog never ceases to inspire...for someone who has put their body through just about everything and the pain you've endured over the years, most would have quit and taken up the mindset that they would have to just live all jacked up with every body part misaligned and in excruciating pain which taking massive amounts of ibuprofen won't even touch anymore.
To push through and get your body back as you have is nothing short of success.
I truly wish I was closer to tap into the Reifkind's training!

Mark Reifkind said...


thank you so much for those kind works. they mean more to me than I think you know.

I think in some ways getting so hurt so young actually helped me create this mindset.

I was too young to just quit and get in bed, so I learned to keep going, to somehow find a way; through, around on something like it to keep going.

Giving up has never, ever been a thought in my head. Sometimes just treading water is going forwards: better than sinking:)

The body heals, the mind heals, the spirit heals.Never Quit; one never knows when a miracle is just around the corner!

Diana said...

You're welcome!