Saturday, June 29, 2013

Strength and Health

Really, the two are the same to me and the stronger I get across the board the healthier I feel. And across the board means that, from stronger mobility and flexibility work to my walking to my lifting. Not just the weight I can put up.

The two used to be thought of as synonyms and the magazine of the same title years ago really captured the essence of what men of all ages wanted first and foremost. It makes no sense to sacrifice one for the other on any level and I know that soundly now. But I still want to lift some heavy things as often as possible while NOT tearing myself up.The KB swings, presses and snatches and their variations really seem to fit the bill for me as well as all the work I put in on mobility and correctives every day.

Today was a great payoff for all that. Decided on One Arm Power Swings as I wanted to go a bit heavy not have that much volume. I've never gone over 24 kg for one arms power swings and I think  I only did that once. They are TOUGH.

I was hoping to be able to do 32 kg. I got a bit more

One arm Power swings
 16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 5/5
28 kg x 5/5
32 kg x 5/5
36 kg x 3/3
40 kg x 3/3
44 kg x 3/3
48 kg x 3/3!!!
52 kg x 3/3 !!!!

after I hit the 44 kg I thought that was going to be my top set! Well, no :) I figured that since I could do five one arms with the Beast I should be able to do a few power swings with it and I was right!  And I just wanted to "feel' the 52 kg in one hand > it wasn't that bad!

I didn't take video since I didn't really expect to be able to do it! :) nice surprise.

Two Hand Swings
32 kg x 10
40 kg x 10
48 kg x 10
52 kg x 10

these went well much easier after one arms

Barbell curls
45 x 10
65 x 6
     x 8 x 2
these went great. much stronger

Back Press
1 strand  x 10
2 stands x 10 x 2

 these are way better as well. consistent progressions, that is the key to progress!

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Roland Denzel @ said...

Nice work!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Roland!

Ran T said...

Just came across your blog. I like your passion of kettlebells and training. Thanks for sharing.