Thursday, January 19, 2012


After reading Tim Anderson and Mike McNiff's two books on bulletproofing the body and pressing the reset button on so basic but oh so vital movement patterns I decide to do these drills, my variations of them of course ,( I have to carefefully tailor everything I do to my own unique asymmetries and imbalances) every day.

I know my stretch routine is a must and must be done 5 out of 7 days but I think this series of cross crawl, marching, trotting and eventually rolling patterns is really going to make a difference in how well, far and easily I can walk and stand.As well as the calf raise progressions from Convict Conditioning 2.

I now believe that my left knee and ankle issues started to emerge when I stopped bodybuilding, started powerlifting and ceased all calf work. I used to train calves HARD and frequently as they were a weak point of mine and weak points get  extra attention.So it's back to calf training and I have  a LONG way to go.

The great thing about the CC progressions are that I don't need anything but the bodyweight single calf raise to train them. And a super high pain tolerance and threshold for boredome

I also know that doing the 100 ups( marching in Tim and Mikes book) is key for me. Either done stationary or traveling, fast or slow it is vital for me resetting my 'center of balance' and placing my left leg in the proper position right under me.

It's too easy for me to stand with most of the weight on my dominant ,stronger and uninjured right leg and displace my center of balance. This really shows up in my walking gait as my left leg is no longer directly under me.I can't do that when I march in place, much less trot in place. I played with it all morning and it put in the right position immediately. Nice

100 up's stationary
traveling marching 100 steps( some up on toes)
bilateral toe raises flat on ground 30 reps slow and controlled (wow this got some blood in there)
100 ups major( trotting in place)

did this three times this morning. 


One arm kb deadlift
24 kg x4/4
28kg x4/4
32 kg x 4/4
36kg x 4/4
40 kg x 3/3

Really took my time and paid attention to position and intent with these and it made a difference. Taking all the slack out of the body arm and lat and keeping hip square as I pulled. Good.

Barbell Deadlifts( left hand undergrip)
135 x3x2
165 x 3
195 x2
220 x 1 x 6 sets PR

these went great! SO cool to be able to pull with Glenn who has pulled an official 755 in three lift competition~ I know the weights are small but that doesn't matter. we approach it just as if it were 500 plus. Treat your light weights like they are heavy and the heavy weights will feel light :))

This was a recent pr on volume so next week back to 190 or so for singles. really focused on pushing with my left side as I deadlifted so I didn't overload my much stronger right side even more.

I know it's risky but this feels right. my new form is much different than my old competition form and not wearing a belt makes a lot of difference. I never ever pulled without a belt. even 135 I had it on. Not wearing one really makes you connect the upper and lower body into one unit.
When you wear the belt you really put so much focus on the abs that it actually disconnects you as a unit, I think. You can put unnatural load on the abs because the belts support.

Big difference without it and I think much more beneficial. Of course one will sacrifice pounds but what is that anyway? And at what price?

Two Clubbell swipes
single 10 lb swipe 10/10
two 15s x 15
90 reps. this was the best my grip has felt in a long time. I image the deads are helping that.

Rack Walks
20 kg x 100 foot per arm
2 sets per arm

haven't done this with 20 kg in years . not bad at all.and I think having to figure out the rack position on my left side my help clear up my press position as well. Or not :))

Triceps extensions
5 x 20 reps black band

last reps were ugly lol.

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