Thursday, January 12, 2012

Deads and Swipes

Things have been seriously hectic around here lately and my stretching routine has taken a beating. Now it was my turn to pay for my sins as my left knee was getting tighter than it's been in months and I knew exactly why.No excuses it just is what it is and I also knew exactly what to do to fix it.

Only problem was that I literally didn't have the time and before I knew it it was time to deadlift with Glenn.I did stretch out the toes, feet and calves which did help tremendously but it wasn't the 45-60 minute, relaxing, deep stretchout that is required to REALLY get things opened up to feel 'loose'.

thank goodness my first client cancelled tomorrow so I will get the full stretchout and all will be right with my knee :))

haven't been doing enough 100 "ups" either so I did those two and realized how much I've backslid on these> I need to do the 100 ups minor EVERY DAY. My gait pattern is probably priority one these days.

Two Hand KB Deadlift
32 kg x 5
36 kg x5
40 kg x5
44 kg x5
48 kg x5

these felt very good as a warmup

Barbell Deadlift
135 x3 x2
155 x 3
185 x 2
205 x 1 x 5 sets

these went very well and 135 felt like 135 should feel like ,lol really focused on locking in at the bottom with the lats and pulling IN as well as pushing down. wanted to go heavier but I've gone up three weeks in a row and needed a lower weight. the volume was perfect.

My long term goal is to be able to regularly and easily do  6 sets of 1 with 315. Next year for sure.

Two CB Swipes
10s x 5/5/5/5  warmup

2 15's x 15
          x 25
          x 30 ( video above)

these are getting much better each week and having a training partner like Glenn makes all the difference. Who you train with can make you stronger or weaker.

Triceps extensions black band
5 sets of 20

I made em but they weren't pretty. triceps are cooked!

Floor handstands
4 sets of 10 seconds

these were very strong.

Sisu. Never quit.


Mike C said...

Hey Rif- A couple off topic comments (off topic to this specific blog post anyway).

1. Wondering if you checked out Kstar's MWOD 356/365 episode. Wow!....been working a bunch of KB's (especially swings) lately training to hopefully do my RKC recert in San Jose in Feb. That MWOD drill felt super good. Almost like scratching that itch you could not get to :] Going to do some snatches tonight and I'll see if there is any positive carry over.

2. Saw your comment about doing all your own massage work from the previous post's comments. Very smart and something I aspire to as well.

Mark Reifkind said...

mike, no I haven't watched it yet, will do today. I do wonder where he's been lately though?
I am teaching at the Feb RKC in San Jose so we can talk more then :))

as far as my own massage work I really didn't have a choice. I needed SO much and had to do it so often there was no other viable solution.