Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prepping for the Beast.

I've never owned a 4b kg Beast KB. Since I couldn't do two handed swings there really wasn't much I could do with it for the last 10 years. I wanted to own one but I already had a 44 kg Max Power bell that I dusted every now and then but didn't do much else with so it didn't make sense to buy it.

But I wanted one anyway.

Since I now can do and train two hand swings I decided to complete my collection and get an Official Dragon Door Beast and, lucky for me, I have a client that wanted to trade it.Awesome. It comes in next Wednesday and I figured I'd better ramp up the weights a bit to get ready for it.

AM Stretchout 45 minutes lots of splits,ankle mobs and stretches,overhead stretches,thai squats, down dogs and roller work,

10 am Two Hand Swings

16 kg x10
20 kg x10
24 kg x10
32 kg x8
36 kg x8
40 kg x8

work sets
44 kg x8 x 5 sets
36 kg x 8 x 5 sets
32 kg x10 x5 sets

wow, this kicked my butt,literally, but the groove and the swing felt great. the weight felt light also. the video above is the first set and they got better as I went along and I started getting more speed on the downswing. Still very tentative in my two hand swing groove and do not want to get hurt 'going' for it. As I let my body do what it wants and go where it has to to find the best path to power things inevitably go better.

I'm through trying to make my very unique body and mechanics fit into any other mold than what feels right and works. Whether I can explain it to anyone else in a way that makes any sense to any one but me is not my responsibility and I finally get that.Everyone needs to ultimately make their own way through the fog to where they want to go and who they want to be.

As the Chief Instructor says " Figure it out, Comrade"


8 sets from 10 -15 seconds

these felt surprisingly strong. I've moved my hand position in a bit and it gives me a bit more control. Pretty amazing to see and feel the changes in my right shoulder and T spine in the last 6 months, from no presses to lots of presses to double presses, and perhaps double snatches as well,lol.


Juci RKC said...

You figured it out all right :)
Congratulations, Sir!

Mark Reifkind said...

thank you Judit :))It's getting there.

wowlovetera said...

wow,these photos are so beautiful,i love this..hehe

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