Thursday, June 02, 2011

O dark thirty.Swipe VO2

First workout at this new time and it went alright. Still has a few bugs but have to say overall it was a success. Got into Girya at 5:40 am or so and got 20 solid minutes of stretching and mobilization in. After my front panel,hams ,IT bands and ankles went to work on the shoulders to get ready for my first run at Swipe Vo2.

Been having a bit of left shoulder biceps impingement of late( from all those side planks when I'm doing IT band foam rolling- no lie- and I have to really be on that first rib and keep the shoulder somewhat where it's supposed to be.

It's hard to keep joints stable when all the internal structures are so overstretched and or missing.Keeping the surrounding muscles strong helps but the extra tension also can pull these hypermobile joints out of neutral in a second! Pick your poison.

Of course ,adding in double pressing, two hand swings, pullups, ring work and handstands in such a short period of time probably has nothing to do with it, no? lol. I can't help it. It' such a blessing and a joy to be able to move and train a bit I'm like a kid with a new bike at Christmas; I can't wait to ride it and I don't want to get off even if it's dark out ;))

The Swipe VO2 didn't feel like it worked out well, even though on the video itlooks better than it felt. I started with 15;15 with 5s, then 6s then 7 reps for the first 15 sets and it was too easy.

So I kept going, doing 30 seconds of swipes( 12) and only resting for 15 seconds. This got hard around the 15 minute mark but my heart rate was still too low for a real max vo2 workout. I could go heavier but that means they would move slower so I don't think that's the solution.

I think just doing a progressive swipe or cb swing volume workout for 20-30 minutes will be fine. Mix light to heavy and high and low reps.

Handstands( wall)

10 sets of holds against the wall., most of which I had my feet off of. Decided to stop fighting it and progressively build my handstand back from scratch. I also have to accept that my t spine is NEVER going to be able to do that gymnasts hollow position that I once did. Sorry. But where I am is a strong position as I can tell from the video. Lots of external rotation and tricep lock.

Not the best shoulder flexion position but way better than it's been. This felt like a very good corrective and antagonist to all the pulling and pressing I've been doing.


5 sets of 5 with 10 -15 second hangs on both ends of the set. basically really trying to get 'comfy' in the hang position, then, get my scap adds working and my hollow position rocking , my forearms vertical and good torque into my shoulders and THEN start the pullups.

All went to eye to chin level . My left biceps tendon doesn't like these even when I do them right. Things just move around alot in my joints. Not fun.

Triceps extensions on Rings

these are like sissy squats for the back arm,lol. haven't done them in years and never did them on rings but they worked great, especially since you can rotate the rings however you like to find the optimum leverage and the minimum joint stress.

I killed me to let my triceps get so weak but everything I did to work my tri's killed my shoulders so I had to bite the bullet and let them go. Very cool to work them again and these really get the hard to activate long head.

4 sets of 5-6. oh yeah, killer ab work here too, as well.

Triceps are my favorite muscles. I love me some triceps and it's killed mthat

1o minute stretchout, mainly hammies and toes.


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