Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Health Snatch practice and more sled dragging.

My shoulder held it's place very well last night and all today  and the place of origin still seems to be overly tight forearm muscles, especially pronator teres and radiobrachialis. First rib back in place ( and staying there) and the more I put my arm/shoulder into external rotation the better it feels.

Started doing overhead stick work with a curl grip and that immediately felt right.forcing the elbow to lockout as I went through the ROM was key.If I let the elbow bend the scap stopped working right. Plus no pain on ROM

Curls continued to feel good as well with NO bicep sorenesss,which I expected.My biceps were getting plenty of loading BUT NOT in an external rotated position! Hey that's cool, curls are fun and my arms will be even bigger,lol.

Now, to get an Ironmind chest expander to work my triceps in old school back press!

Now how to figure out how to stand without going into internal rotation! My norm is hands in the pockets which is exactly the opposite I want my arm/shoulder to be in. Looks dumb to stand in tadasana pose so I'm hoping as I get the forearm open and keep it open it won't be so bad with the arm in neutral( thumb up) .

We'll see. Daily posture causes more orthopedic issues than most people realize,except when they stop to think about just how much time they spend in very bad positions. Me too.:)

SO since Health Snatches are on the Wednesday menu I thought I should get some more practice in but didn't know how the shoulder would take it. Turned out fine

Health Snatch
12 kg x 5/5
14 kg x 5/5
16 kg x 5/5
20 kg x 5/5  x 10 sets

easy peezy.It was light so I could play with form a bit.On the right side I have to stay rotated a bit to the right on the negative rep on the shoulder says high. This is correct since I am asymmetrically rotated to the left from my scoliosis and ten million twists to the left in gymastics. It's the same position that's strongest in my press.
Also have to keep my crush grip on the right side to stabilize the shoulder as well. An open hand doesn't feel as good

My left side is square just as in my press.

Sled Drag
65 lbs x  full length of block and back

this was cool. Don't know how far it was but I walked til I was tired, rest a bit and continued. I think I need to sled drag two days a week. at least. my legs are really getting stronger and boy do I need that.

Barbell Curls
5 sets of 8 reps with 50 lbs.

These felt remarkably good to do. Lord knows I have done my share of these and it felt like home.


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his is correct since I am asymmetrically rotated to the left from my scoliosis and ten million twists to the left in gymastics.
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