Monday, May 27, 2013

Injured people listen better

and that includes myself. I woke up tweaked Friday at 1 am and it was a long weekend. Even though the workout on Saturday didn't particularly make anything worse my right shoulder was locked up all day Sunday and that was no fun at all.

I was trying to figure out WHY it happened as I spent the entire day, rolling and stretching and cupping and getting Tracy do work on me and then I realized I just haven't been spending enough time do my True Workout, which is my full body stretchout.

When my forearm flexors get overly tight it runs straight up to my shoulders. I know this. I knew this BUT I just haven't been forcing myself to do the hanging from the chin bar that I know I need. I just have been feeling too good, too balanced, too strong.

And no one wants to do the boring monotonous stuff when they're feeling good. Only when they're hurt and the HAVE to. Plus, I have been stretching out, at least 30 minutes every day but I know I have very specific postures that I have to do, and HOLD for very long times, to get the benefits I need from them and I just haven't been making myself do them. Until I had to and then it is even more painful :(

Getting the forearm unlocked opened the whole fascial chain and let my shoulder go back where it needs to be. Very strange huh, that muscles in the forearm could knock the shoulder out of alignment but I've seen this happen with me too many times to dispute the accuracy of it. Now just to get my arms overhead more often!

Plus it was that damn Max Vo2 snatch workout that locked things up,lol, I knew I hated that workout for good reason:)

So I had a great full hour stretchout this morning but I knew that pressing today was NOT a good idea. Hell, I had no idea if I could even swing, the shoulder was thank funked up! But as usual, getting back to trying to move normally had a great effect on everything and my double swings were very strong!

Double bell swings
2 12s x 10 
2 16'x x 10 x 2
2 20's x 8
2 24's x 5
          x 6
          x 7
          x 8
          x 9
          x 10
2 28's x 6 x 5 sets !

these felt great! strong and easy although my wind was off from barely sleeping the last few nights. Nothing cuts your endurance like poor sleep. unless it's poor sleep and pain :)

Sled drags
200 ft x 5 laps
1000 feet
these were good and fast as I was solo today and didn't time things well. Oh well, got em over with faster.

Belt squats

32 kg x 30 x 2
         x 23

cut the last set short as I started to feel the left glute talk to me. I had forgotten about this exercise when I decided on the drags a day early but then realized I had them on the menu and my shoulder wasn't involved so I did them. Much different after all the sled work :)

Bodyblade laterals
3 sets of 10/10

SO the lesson is treat the mobility/flexibility/pre hab work as the MAIN MEAL not just the side course or perhaps you won't get to eat dinner at all! Being hurt just sucks, and, being in so much pain and having so much restriction the last few days really made very clear to me just how much progress I have made in the last 2 years.

I used to LIVE in that state. EVERY day. For way too many years and I don't now and that's great. And I have no plans to return to that state of being. But it means I have to take my yoga much more seriously as it's own practice. And that's precisely what my stretch mob work is, a Yoga. A Way. A Practice. Time to get serious.



Joe Sarti said...

Great great post! Numbers and training aside, it is the little things that most people do not want to do that are crucial! Aye aye captain!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Joe and you know I agree :-)