Thursday, September 08, 2011

32 kg two hand swings and the Prodigal Son

Mikey playing on the ropes in 2006 Muscle Beach

I was still sore in the forearms and shoulders from Tuesdays snatch Vo2 workout and I want to press the 32 kg on Saturday so I re thought using the Beast today for my swing workout. Thursdays are always among my toughest workouts as I have to train alone and at the ass end of the day on an empty stomach so I never think in terms of volume but intensity and quality instead.

But had a very pleasant surprise today as my dear friend, who is literally like another son to me, Michael Castrogiovanni, was in town today from his world travels ( for just a few days before he heads off to India next week :)) and wanted to train with me. How cool!

Mike is a serious mutant in many, many ways( pretty much anything physical he sets his mind to) and I knew he was just back from Wilderness school and would be in some serious hard shape. And he was:)) Mike is the guy that brought Pavel and me together, talked me into getting my RKC, trained me for it and has always believed in me as much as anyone ever has.

I taught him how to lift traditional weights when he was just a 14 year wrestler at my gym in in his hometown of Campbell and then the Way of the Kettlebell back in 2003 when he had just graduated college. He of course took to it like a duck to water . The story is documented in Pavel's classic book Enter the Kettlebell.

He wanted to do my workout, which meant he wanted an easy day ( for him ,lol) and we started with two hand swings

Two Hand swings
24 kg x10
24 kg x5
28kg x10
32 kg x 10,12,14,16,18, 20

and easy 90 reps for Mikey but a seriously nice workout for me, I haven't been above ten reps in two hand swing with any weight let alone the 32kg and it was a breeze. Good power all the way, It was a good sign.

Supersetted with Pistols

6 sets of 4 reps on the right leg and the same but Bench Pistols for the left leg. This was mike's idea although I had been planning on doing one legged squats off a box for the left leg but this was a better idea. Surprisingly I could actually do them on my left leg, an amazing thing!

With my right side I used Mike a spot and actually was going rock bottom with just a two finger spot. I went so deep with more of my own bodyweight than ever that I cramped my right VMO! Crazy.

When I started training for the cert with Mike back in 2005 I could barely get out of a chair with two legs and using my arms my knee and back were so bench pistols with that leg. The body can heal, we can always get stronger. Always. It just might be more slow than we want but to me it's only about direction, about trendline, not speed.

Soon. VERY soon, I will be able to do a full, bodyweight pistol on my right leg and then started strengthening it with progressive weights.Soon as well I will be able to do a body weight pistol on my left leg to at least parallel and THAT will be one serious miracle. :))

Those with healthy joints who do not maximize the potential of their body to at least SOME degree are so crazy! They have no idea of the gift they have been given that they are squandering! I would KILL to have functional knees and shoulders again.

But I will take getting better to whatever degree I get to. That will suffice. I remember where I was. I won't forget that.


8 sets of ten second holds!!!!

Mike was doing them freestyle but I used to wall to kick up to but then found I was totally locked into the groove and could hold them effortlessly! I could even look between my arms and stay completely stable! I felt light upside down for the first time in forever and it was very very cool. A good omen for the body weight workshop coming up.

Clubbell swipes

2 10 lbs x10
2 15 lbs x 10 x 5 sets

haven't done these in awhile and they felt light. Mike showed me his latest crazy ass clubbell work with two arm mills in both directions and some amazing cb juggling! Not for me but great to see it done.



Juci RKC said...

I'm so happy about the pistol and handstand. That's awesome!
Congratulations, Sir!

Mark Reifkind said...

thank you Judit, it's very cool:)) Miss you guys, was just watching the Szinbad video :))

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wersgold said...

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