Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Swipes and Snatches

Had time to split up today's workout again and this is turning out to be really good for the intensity. I had a full hour to devote to my clubbell training, got my stretching in and still upped the snatch Vo2 ante when I got home. I do love training snatches in the garage with AC/DC blaring and the remnants of so many great workouts of the past lingering still in the platforms.

I shouldn't have felt strong today as my sleep is still off due to the time change but I was and of course I went with it. I didn't feel particularly strong as I started the workout but as per my rule; get things started, break a sweat and then decide.

Gravity was light today and I was strong. A nice combo. I also noticed my muscle size and density are really up of late and my leanness as well. My supplement combos are working well and I think I LOVE this new one recommended by Mike Mahler( bulbine natalensis) which helps increase natural test levels and lower estrogen. The Mag oil, the bulbine,more Vit D, and dhea are really helping this old horse get it's strength and recovery back as well.

Increasing arginine, green tea extract alpha lipoic acid and N Acetyl cysteine are doing wonders for recover as well. I love it when I can actually train hard AND recover. What a concept! Kinda like how I used to feel.

5:30 am
30 min stretchout

8 am

2 Clubbell rockits
10 lbs x 20 x2
15 lbs x 15 x 2
20 lbs x 10 x2

man these really get my legs burning fast! perfect for the warmup and very easy on my body.

2 Clubbell swings
10 lbs x 20 x2
15 lb x15 x2
20 lbs x 10 x2

all swings to parallel or just a bit above. love the elbow tractioning effect these give as well as the ease of shoulder packing.

2 Clubbell swipes
10 lbs x 20
x 30
15 lbs x 15
20 lbs x 10 x 3 sets
10 lbs x 50!!

These went way better than expected. I was planning on two sets of 15 with the 15 lber but after the first set I thought I better get to the 20's if I planned on doing them as the 15's were not easy at all.

BUT the 20's went much better than expected and instead of just one set of 10 I knocked off three! It's a LONG way from 100 reps but it's a solid start

AND the down set of 50 with the 10's was a very nice surprise as well. Hadn't counted on that but I felt so damn good ( haven't said that in ages)I didn't want to stop.

10 minute shoulder stretchout.

1 pm Snatch Vo2

had to get this thing going as my energy was taking a turn for the worst and I was getting hungry.

Snatch vo2
16 kg
25 sets of 6
5 sets of 7

30 sets total
185 reps

this was easy! my groove felt perfect and crisp and my cardio was definitely better than last week.that is one thing I have always observed with max vo2 training in myself and my clients is the incredibly rapid improvement that one can make even with just one workout a week.

I also had to demo a lot of level 2 skills with my last client and was pretty tight going into the workout or I would have just started with 7's. Very soon.

PLUS I get two whole days off before I have to train swings on saturday! Nice


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