Thursday, March 31, 2011

The beat rolls on.

No ill effects from yesterday's impromptu swipe test so I decided to train as planned today; more swipes with the 15 lb clubs and snatch Vo2 in the garage.

As per usual in California it decided to switch from winter to summer in one day so it was pretty steamy in the garage( 86 deg) and I remembered well the problems I had before when trying to do snatch vo2 into high sets: TOO MUCH SWEATING all over everything,lol.

I resorted to double sweat bands, head bands,multiple bells ( to switch out when I sweated on them) and it didn't help much. I've decided if I have to take a break to towel off no biggie. I want to battle my conditioning not the sweat.

Today wasn't too bad but I can see where it's going.

5:30-6 am stretchout

1pm two clubbell swipe test with 15 lbers

one warmup set of 10 with the 10's then right to it!
Despite having done 100 yesterday these felt good from the start and I knew I could get my fifty as soon as I got going. definitely I have to make sure not to get greedy and push things too fast across the board. Especially now as I have some non travel down time and want to make some solid progress in my training.

Make Haste Slowly :))

2pm Stones Gym San Jose

Snatch Vo2 15:15

one warmup set with 14 kg for 5/5 then into it too

16kg x 32 sets of 7 reps
224 reps
8064 lbs
16 min work

these felt alright but I could feel the fatigue in my arms from yesterday's and today's high reps swipes. the bell speed stayed fine but I didn't want to do more.
I will have to alternate which exercise goes first from now on so I don't overtrain either the swipes or the snatches.The arms feel heavy now,lol.

( ...pumped :))

Wind was very good and teshnik felt solid also. I finally feel like I have a solid bottom position in this move to be able to both shock absorb and rebound out of. That's one of the things that makes Tracy able to snatch so fast and with such power is that she really can reverse and produce force out of the bottom of her swing AND her kb snatch.

It's taken me forever to find it, as usual.

Oh yes, I took my first ice shower today in ages. Just about 60 seconds but at least I could make myself do it. When I read Tim Ferris's book I knew I wanted to get back into some cold water immersion but just couldn't even CONCEIVE of it this winter, where I froze my ass off :))

But I also knew that I would love it when this city starts to cook and it was great although the speed of which it raises your heart rate is shocking.
Definitely cooled me off quickly though!

Recover is everything. You can only train as hard as you can recover from on a regular basis so this will be a new focus for me now.

Now that I can actually "train" a bit again. Nutrition, mental prep, peacefulness, mind control, and continuing to keep stretching and making sure I keep working towards my foundation goal of square, plump and neutral all over and stay injury free.

Well at least as much as this old frame can be:))

Rest and some serious stretching tonite and tomorrow and then lots of swings on saturday!

datsit :))


Diana said...

I'm gonna kind of hate to see winter leave our state because I used to just fall into a snow bank after a run and that was my "ice" bath! LOL

Mark Reifkind said...

no thanks. A cold shower is a small price to pay for all this perfect weather :))

Rant said...

86! I envy you. We had a snow storm today and that's not an April fool's gag unless God was playing the joke.

BTW glad that you are blogging regular again. I have a new blog

Believe it or not I was banned from IGX. There's a first for everything. They did me a favor.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks John, but my blog's been back up for over a year and a half.

actually I can believe you were banned from IGX,lol. You seemed to want them to reach on some level. glad you're not wasting your time there anymore.