Thursday, December 09, 2010

28 kg one arm swing ladders

Was going to train as scheduled yesterday but a new client went over and two cancelled today so I decided it was better to wait until this morning when I had plenty of time and energy to train hard, rather than trying to fit it in when I was mo' tired yesterday.

I knew/ know, that I am running the risk of DOMS catching up to me on saturday when it's time to snatch or press hard but I just wasn't into yet yesterday once I knew I had options today.
So I tried to be cautious and cut the volume but upped the weight to the 28 kg.

I haven't done a full swing workout with a weight heavier than the 24 kg in forever and it felt great. Strong and my groove felt solid. Really focused on laying back a bit at the top of the swing,pulling the bell in closer over my base of support by keeping the glutes tighter longer and keeping the 'root' more solid longer.

This lets me initiate with a bit of a knee bend before hinging back and I feel much safer and stronger in this position. The knees have to bend at least 15 degrees for the glutes to engage and my old style was getting to 'tippy bird' too early and using too much back and hip and almost no leg and glute.

My legs are letting me know this is a good thing now.

I decided on laddering up because I didn't know if I could start, much less maintain, a higher rep count for any number of sets. I love ladders as they give me confidence to increase the difficulty of the next set based on the success of the last.
It's just like putting another plate on the bar after the last addition went easily. Success breeds success.

One arm swing ladder

16 kg x5/5/5/5x2
20kg x5/5/5/5
24 kg x5/5 x2

28 kg x5/5
x5/5 x 5 sets

140 swings with 28
8820 lbs

These went great. everything felt connected and strong and nothing hurt. Put some AC/DC on Pandora and went for it. I left with lots more in the tank but with respect for what I have to do with only one day rest.

Here's some video of the last set of 10/10 , shot with my new IPhone. I also realized to get the video to take up the full screen I have to turn it on it's side. Hey, I've only had it a couple days. But man I love this thing :))

Post workout stretch

30 solid minutes of foam roller, brettzells, hamstring stretches, up and down dog and overhead and behind back stick stretches in front lunge and horse stance postures.Nice to stretch out after the workout for a change when the body is warm and tired, ready to give in to the stretch.

datsit. Hopefull some big presses and snatches on saturday with Ken Froese when he comes to visit.Here's a video of him pressing some very very big weights.

Two Hand Shield casts
15 lbs x 10/10 x 5 sets

One Arm casts
10 lbs x10/10 x 3 sets

Wanted to just get some volume in and went light and fast. Love my clubbells.


Tracy Reifkind said...

I am starting to love doing clubbells with you sweetie....and I'm totally jealous of your Iphone video....good Lord I'm going to have to join the 21st century!

Mark Reifkind said...


once you get the hang of this phone you will love it as much as i do!
you're going to be dragged into the 21st cent fast! it's coming...

and yes clubs will change your physique in an entirely new way.

guy said...

Bossman, with the extra work, only one day off, have you had more of an appetite? Just curious.

Mark Reifkind said...


actually I had an extra day of rest since I normally train tues/wed. this week I hit tues/ thurs.I dont have much of an appetite as it is, varies very little , even with higher workloads.