Saturday, December 18, 2010

24 kg snatch ladders

I've decided to switch Saturdays to swing training and snatch on Wednesdays. I did this for a very simple practical reason; I'm going to push up my swing training and rather than bring home a bunch of heavy bells from Girya I'm just going to switch days and snatch on Wednesday where the the heaviest bell I need is a 24 kg.

I also want to up the volume of swings( and break my old pr's) and this will make the workouts longer, something I DON'T want to do after training clients all morning. Nick will still snatch but that's no problem. Since I did a ton of swings yesterday I still snatched today and will split the workout on Wednesday with some snatches and swings and get on the new schedule next week.

7-8 am stretch out

8 am Snatch

16kg x5/5/x2
20 kg x5/5
24 kg x5/5
x8/8 x 3 rounds
156 reps !!
8268 lbs

haven't done this many pure snatches with the 24 in a while and it felt great.really focused on doing one rep at a time and going through all my cues for my new groove. it went very solid and bottom position , hamstrings( which had been talking to me), grip and wind were all solid.

Plus I wasn't sore at all from Thursday's swings in the same groove which was a very good sign I am on the right track. The loads were spread very well.

Watching the video it's hard to see the differences in this technique and my former one but the movement feels completely different, even in the tempo . But it really feels safe and strong and powerful, if not just a little slower in and out of the bottom. But my grip and rip days are over,lol.
For snatches and deadlifts. Good thing :))

Swing setup tutorial.

this is for Piers, who asked this question on the comments section of my blog

Piers said...

Not to be annoying, but how do you break at the knee before the hip without it sliding forward or throwing your body back?

Two hand shield casts

15 lbs x 5/5

20 lbs x5/5

25 lbs x5/5, 6/6,7/7,8/8

these were good but I was pretty cooked by now. Triceps especially.



Boris Terzic said...

I find in many cases the adjustments are not about the visual but the feel. Something it just has to feel right for it work right. :)

Mark Reifkind said...


good call.for me it always has to "feel" right, that's way more important than how it looks. I'm really learning to use that as thye guide and stop trying to "do it right" so I can explain it to others.

as KJ said

"beginners need to learn the rules
intermediates need to learn to apply the rules.
Advanced need to learn to break the rules"

Piers said...

Thanks Mark,
It makes more sense as a cue and looking at your swing when you focus on it, it certainly seems to generate more power quite easily for you. I'll definitely look into whether it's something that works for me.
Really appreciate the time and effort put into explaining that.

Mark Reifkind said...


no problem man, I learned a lot from having to break it down like that.let me know how your experiment comes out.