Sunday, October 06, 2013

Sunday walk and stuff

 Did it right today and stayed in my neighborhood park instead of driving to the parcourse. Love walking on dirt much more than asphalt
Hot bath to warmup the knees then 15 minutes of stretching calves and hams' learned from last weeks mistake and it was a good idea. Much easier stride

5674 steps
58 minutes
2 miles
2.5 mph ave

then 3 blocks backward walking. also stopped each lap and did squats on toes for 8-10 stretch/reps. Finally got these in and they were very helpful.

200 feet of crawling! in sets of 100 ft.

this was very tough, I crawled the first set about 6o feet  then dropped into a squat stretch then finished. same with second set. yeow !

7 or 8 min on exercise bike. circles were good but legs were tired.

now foam roll and more stretching

bodyweight: 152.4

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