Monday, October 14, 2013

Press practice

Spent a decent amount of time stretching out the upper body yesterday and today and wanted to re groove my kb press. Since this is a de loading week and Glenn is as well, 20 kg seemed a good place to land.

I've decided to do more "touch and go" type clean and press, realizing that it is not "standard" to pass a SFG test but for my training it is much easier on my shoulders.Flexing the lat and launching it off that muscle 'misses' the delicate first part of the lift when my shoulders just don't like it anymore.
If I have to test it strict pause I can but just like paused benches they take their toll after awhile.

I want to get back to this form:

it definitely has a "give" to it at the bottom but that's ok,especially since I still can't do push presses.I am coming to the belief that super strict ANYTHING is just too hard on the joints over time. The more dynamic the lifts are the more load is spread and they just don't seem to hurt as much. But I'm old now :)I don't have much joints to grind anymore .

Clean and press
16 kg x 5/5 x 2

20 kg x 4/4 x 7 sets

The right arm ( this week) looks solid overhead but the left is wider than it felt when I was doing it. I decided to look down and forward again and it seems to give me more overhead ROM.The whole thing is more of  a 'tempo' press and perhaps that's a good thing, Either way it felt way better than it has in months.

Snatch holds
16 kg ( comp bell) x 30 sec
                           x 35 sec
                           x 40 sec

man these were tough . no wonder I stopped doing them ,lol. Seriously they have to be in the mix.

Step ups
11" box x 10, 12,  on both legs
12 " x 8 !
these are tougher than lunges and the 12" attempt was TOUGH. really worked the eccentric part too. Used the power rack to hold onto. on the right side I was basically doing a pistol! and it was strong, too.

Bench squats
15 " bench + horse pad x 10/10/ bodyweight

close stance, heels on 10 lb plates pause on bench. these were great . I will add them in on Saturdays from now on and work them hard

4 laps of 40 feet. 

these felt great. smooth and strong.


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