Sunday, October 13, 2013

Auto pilot

That's how the legs felt today and I have to say I haven't had this experience in 20 + years. After yesterdays pretty tough workout, and the fatigue from this last week it was the last thing I expected but as soon as I got the walk underway I knew I was in for a good one. Legs felt light and loose. The knee was locking out well and then re bending just as easily.

Great timing. All the phases of the gait were the best they've been since the surgery for sure, but as good as they've ever been, really. How cool.Ankle held up great too and that was a cause for concern the last two weeks but it seems to have adapted. All systems go for this two week adventure coming up fast.

Walked for 60 minutes and covered 2.7 miles. No stopping to stretch or do squats or anything else; just steady state walking. I had a great rhythm and wanted to keep it going.I remember when I was training for endurance running I would have the experience of being " out of body" looking down at myself as I ran. SO COOL. My legs just seemed on auto pilot and keeping them moving was literally effortless.

That's the feeling I'm going after  and this is a good sign. I just need a lot more miles in my legs.

Now icing and onto some serious stretching and foam roll work

15 min continuous cycling on stationary bike. Need to do this more, lol,

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