Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A swing I haven't used in a while

I used to train the transfer swing quite a lot. Since I could only tolerate one arm swings and snatches my choices that my back would tolerate were small and I found that I could do transfers without problems.

I've always seen this swing as much more of a lower body emphasis since one has to let go of the bell too quickly to "pull" too much ( try to use the arm/ shoulder). As soon as you would need to pull you have to switch and one ends up focusing much more on the lower half that powers the swing than pulling at all.

My shoulder has been feeling much more stable of late since i started incorporating my hang technique from the power rack chin bar with a variety of grip and  heel height( how far I let my heels stay off the ground in the stretch position) and snatch holds. This has really been a big help in re setting the shoulder ( which now I feel is the clavicle /first rib that is the issue).

As it did in the past with my rotator issue.

So I decided to do h2h swings today instead of one arms or max vo2,that is coming back next week. My best in this was 85 consecutive reps with the 32 kg. Long way from that but not too far :))

PLUS I got a full 75 minute stretchout this morning at 6 am and what  gift that was. I had plenty of time and a perfectly quiet gym to do my yoga/ meditation stretch. and I felt much better ALL day.

H2H transfers
 16 kg x 15 x 2
20 kg x 16

24 kg x 16
         x 20 x 5 sets
         x 30 x 2 sets

these went just as I hoped with the shoulder totally fine, the hips and legs feeling it most and it helping me re establish my swing groove

Belt squats
32 kg x 45
         x 35
         x 25

could have gotten 50 but would have had to go above 80% effort and don't need to do that.
the pump and fatigue in the quads was stellar. Also, did reps in the TKE this morning with a purple band. going to start doing that everyday. have to get this damn knee to lockout better.

High reps for quads are definitely the ticket.

floor kb extensions ( no pauses, cont tension)
16 kg x 15
         x 15
          x 12
          x 12

got tired fast here. had planned on bb laterals but hit a nice wall and needed some food. great workout.

My main training goals: to do more than I have of late and feel like I am doing nothing, and to wake up the next morning feeling like I hadn't trained at all the day before.

today was the former. hopefully tomorrow will be the latter.

Strong is Good  and I'm feeling strong again.


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Anonymous said...

75 minutes of stretching, wow that must have felt great!

Excuse my ignorance but what are the KB floor extensions?