Saturday, July 23, 2011

28 kg Long cycle Clean and Press

Well I had a video of my second set but deleted it from the camera thinking Flipshare had downloaded it when it had only downloaded the upgrade. Oh well it looked a lot like my other clean and press workouts,lol. And that's a good thing.

The 28 kg is definitely now feeling like the 24 kg did not too long ago: just an average day's training weight. Not a peak weight but just a sets and reps weight. It's taken long enough but it's here and that's all the counts.

After last weeks short cycle with the 32 kg I knew I had to step down, but the question was how far? Long cycle is definitely easier for me than short cycle and I know I can do 10's with the 24, but was 28 enough of a step down from the 32? As noted in the first paragraph above, it was.

7-8 am Full stretchout

8-9:15 Long cycle clean and press
one arm swings 16 kg x5/5/5 transfers x3

clean and press
16 kg 5/5
20 kg x4/4
24 kg x3/3

28 kg x3/3 x 5 sets
x4/4 x 1 set
PR for total reps done with this weight.

Could have done 4's no problem in retrospect. I still have to get used to this weight not being 'heavy' anymore. Did 4's on the last set as the left arm didn't feel perfect on the last rep so I did another one :))

20 kg x3/3
24 kg x 10/10 x 3 sets
x 5/5/5/5 x 1 set
x 5/5 x 2 sets
100 reps

Lol, kind of hit the wall here a bit. Could have forced it and done the last two sets in 10's but on the 3rd set the power definitely dropped off( bell speed slowed) and I wanted to keep the power up more than I wanted to just slog through the set.

5 sets of 4

these are getting stronger. Went a bit wider in my grip and it seemed to help get me higher over the bar( closer to collarbone)..


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