Thursday, February 10, 2011

Speed Snatches and swings

I used to call it Snatch Vo2. Before it was Viking Warrior conditioning it was Max Vo2 training and I called it Snatch Vo2 instead :))
I did snatch vo2 training once a week for over three years and obtained my goal of 80 set of 8 reps with the 16kg, which is no joke.

How Mark Madsen did 80x8 with the 24 kg is a mystery to me. How anyone could be that strong and fit is amazing.

I stopped doing this months ago as my snatch form was deteriorating from too much speed work and not enough heavy, slower technique oriented training. Plus my back was so iffy I was afraid something was going to 'go'. I used to do one heavy day and max training on Wednesdays but once I dropped the heavy day it was only a matter of time before the speed work started to deteriorate.

Plus I freakin HATE training on the clock. I have a different rhythm and usually have to start slow and then build up to short rests as I warmup. When I ran I always raced negative splits which means my per mile time got faster the second half of the race than the first half.

So I loathe training on one particular interval but I got used to it and used it as a discipline. Hell, even though it sucked it was over with pretty quickly; I mean, what's forty minutes?

Now that I am training snatches in Stones Gym again on Thursdays I've been thinking of re instituting snatch vo2 back into the mix, for the cardio improvements it most certainly gives as well as a break from a constant diet of 24 kg snatches each week.

It's ironic that the snatch used to be my kb movement of choice but now that I can press again it's taken a back seat to my strongest of all lifts. But it's part of the routine and today was as good a day as any to get back in the mix, but, no gym boss yet, thank you, I'll do it free style.

SO instead of calling it Snatch Vo2 I decided to think of it as Speed Snatch day, in keeping with my speed day when I was powerlifting.The focus of max vo2 training is moving the bell fast enough, with short enough rest intervals to keep the heartate supra maximal.

I decided I would go as fast as I could during the set and rest as little as possible, though NOT watching the clock.My goal will be 50 sets of 7 or 8( the original goal) and not the 80 sets KJ decided on later. 50 is fine.

Speed Snatch
16 kg x 7 reps x 30 sets
210 reps
18 total minutes ( just a bit off 15:15)

as usual I finished faster than I started( rest interval wise) but really could have stopped at 25 sets as this is where the bell speed started to slow down. I will gauge how many sets to do each week on how long I can sustain speed and power on each rep of the set. When the bell slows down, the workout is over.

One arm swing ladder
20 kg x 5/5

24 kg x5/5
100 reps
5300 lbs

going to sand diego tomorrow for John Ducane's Marketing Mastermind seminar so I will miss my swing workout and wanted to get something in. this was perfect.

2o minute stretchout in the sunny 70 degree California perfection and



Brett said...


Longtime blog reader. You mentioned in one post I read about your teres issues. I have the EXACT same thing though more minor seemingly. Trigger points, improper shoulder rotation from possible small separation from an old bike wreck, etc. Been a struggle but I'm hanging in. Frustrating as well because I made it to 80 sets of 7s last year (8s is def no joke) and now can't snatch at all! After three months of rehab, able to press a bit now but keeping it light. Inspiring to see you snatch away!


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