Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Like I've been down to the whipping post

Man this song brings back memories. Looking back, the seventies weren't all that bad; oh yea well they were but the music was great.At least for me.And the snatch vo2 workout today felt just like going down to the whipping post-self inflicted of course but hey, what would the demons do with a day off?
Peaking is great but the going down the hill to start over again always sucks- but that's what makes it training and not playing. Just have to conjure the right attitude; which to me today was gratitude for having this time now to ramp back up and get to a higher level of conditioning and strength. Three days of kbs and three to four days of yoga should do the trick.What an amazing difference from just a year ago and galaxies away from two years past.I am greatful for this opportunity to kick my own ass again and train to make progress, not just go backwards slowly.

I had no real idea what it would be like today after last weeks mess with the 20 kg and a paltry 30 sets. Sometimes gravity is heavy and you just never know.

Snatch Vo2
50 sets of 8 reps
400 snatches
14,400 lbs

Went back and forth between sets of 7 and sets of 8. I figured I needed the conditioning so I should go with sets of 7 and as many sets as possible but then I thought I should just start with 8's and see how far I could go. I could always drop down to 7's and continue. Yea, right :)
Things went very well, suprisingly, up to and through 30 sets. Then it got a bit harder to keep the pace and at 40 sets it was tough.Tracy was entertaining her visiting Mom and couldn't help me. I was on my own,lol.I made a deal that 45 sets would be enough.Then I realized I had to get even and do 46. Deal.
Once I was at 46 I told myself that I wasn't hurting that bad and could always do just FOUR sets.
So there you go.Not a bad starting back place.Finishing heartrate: 200+. yeow.

Techniques were really good and I was able to similtaneously hip snap, shoulder pull and then finish through the quads with the punch out and it all was flowing very powerfully. Nice.

Rack Walks
1000 feet switching arms every 200 feet.

ouch. Hate these and can really feel how off they are. but they are back on the schedule.these also always get my hr up fast.

One arm sheild casts
15 lbs x 10/10 x 3 sets

no elbow twinges, excellent.

It was really nice to be able to put the pedal down a bit today and push myself safely.great to be able to move that fast and confidently again,especially after a tough bikrams class yesterday.I love the snatch, it's my favorite kb move for sure and has been from the first time I tried it.Fluid and vicious indeed.



Aaron Friday said...

You are steadfast. I really appreciate that about you.

Great song, too.

Mark Reifkind said...

thank you aaron, what a nice thing to say. and yeah, great song, and album.

Rannoch Donald said...

Vicious! Great word for the snatch. I am writing a piece on Self defence and the importance of conditioning. Vicious will be included in the section on Snatch.

Just got a copy of your DVD to watch. Looking forward to it!



Mark Reifkind said...


thats from Pavels first book the Russian Kettlebell Challenge. He called the snatch " fluid and vicious". I agree.

mark blakemore said...


Do you count a complete set as one set each hand for 30 seconds or twice for 60?

Very appreciated how you allow yourself to be vulnerable with your struggles. Truly a sign of strength that helps so many.

Nikki Shlosser said...

"I love the snatch, it's my favorite kb move for sure and has been from the first time I tried it."

Me too. :)

PS, a couple KB friends and I went to an adult gymnastics class last night.
Fun! HARD. Loved it.
Still working on the SASL press.

Mark Reifkind said...


each set is one arm at a time, 15 seconds on, 15 seconds rest.I'm glad that reading through my travails helps someone, thats cool.good to hear from you.

Mark Reifkind said...


be careful with the gymnastics,let yourself build up VERY slowly.

take care

Anonymous said...

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