Sunday, October 12, 2008

Double class. grease the groove Bikram style.

Wow, that finally got done. And for all the anxiety and preparation it wasn't as bad as I thought. Having Tracy coach me through it helped a bunch as well and when we got through the first class and my mind set was 'half way there' I knew it was going to be ok.It was actually two of the strongest classes I have done, period and that helped as well.
I felt very recovered from yesterdays snatch workout and carbed up especially well in preparation for the double classes.The main concern was having enough dry and clean towels and clothes as I am the sweat hog from hell during and immediately after class!It's actually ridiculous; no one should sweat as much as I do and survive.It seems like I sweat out half my bodyweight in class; any mma guys that want to cut weight before a fight should do a double Bikrams class- problem solved. So much more interesting that sitting in a sauna riding an exercise bike,lol!
I was very strong in my standing series, making the full minute on the standing head to knee and the standing bow.My hardest postures for the left knee.Not that easy on the good right one as well when the goal is a totally locked out and contracted quad for the entire minute. No joke,especially when they come back to back.
After the first class I got into sweats, ate an odwalla berry bar, had half a cup of coffee, 8 oz of apple juice and 8 oz of water with emergen c pack in it.A quick shower and it was on again!
The second class I felt suprisingly calm having made up my mind to go only as hard as I could focused on the main goal which was going the distance. I found that, slow warmup guy that I am, that I was actually STRONGER in my standing series than class one!My legs and hips had finally warmed up and I made the minute series very powerfully. Wow, would not have thought that would be the case.
Everything else was like that too,except for the floor bow where it caused my right hamstring to cramp bad and I couldn't work it out enough to get in the pose. Oh well, no worries.
My mind was focused and calm throughout the entire class which was great.
Tracy had one of her strongest practices ever and her second class was stronger than her first as well. It was so cool experiencing this intense physical challenge with my love.I am so greatful that I stopped being pigheaded long enough to go to her to this yoga. I am getting SO much out of it; not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. Not to mention the great stuff that is happening for us as a couple sharing this training as well.Bikrams talks a lot about yoga as union, as a marriage of energies and how good it is for couples to do his yoga together. I have no doubt he is right about that as well.
SO it looks like we have a new addition to the weekend training schedule: double Bikrams class. Who would have thunk I'd be able to do this much training and moving just a short year ago? with so much less pain.Not me. It 's been an amazing ride. 3 hours of yoga. not bad for an ex old man.
swings tomorrow.



ericc said...

Nice job Rif!
Haven't done a double class yet but it's in mind for some time soon. My wofe comes home from Iraq in two months and I'm looking forward to sharing class time with her as you and Tracey have.
Thans for the inspiration.


Mark Reifkind said...

thanks eric,

it must be way tough with your wife so far away,I'm sure it will be amazing to have her back . class together is such a great way to share time with someone you love.

Anonymous said...

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