Friday, October 17, 2008

Just a tap on the shoulder

but I pay very close attention these days. This post was supposed to be about yesterday's Bikram class and how I conquered the standing series dread by changing my mindset about it but then while I was getting into full locust position( on your belly, both arms,externally rotated with locked elbows directly under you) when my left elbow CRACKED- big time noise- as something adjusted.

Now my elbows have been adjusting in this position more and more as I have gained more external rotation of the humerus as well as the elbow lower arm bones and wrists but this was not a good 'feel/sound'.Usually if this is bad then this type of noise is accompanied by searing pain, immediate swelling and the deep, complete, unquestioned understanding that you are messed up for real.

I didnt get that, and that was good.The elbow felt like it had adjusted "in" not out but it wasnt quite right. As I lay there in the heat trying to decided "should I stay or should I go?" the elbow was telling me that all those snatches I had done the other day had tightened the elbow IN internal rotation and that this was a good adjustment.But I also know that many times these types of injuries dont really show their ugly head tilt he next morning. Oh, that's always fun to wake up for. So, stupidly, ( as been my behavior all my athletic career) I finished the class but took it easy,lol.

No swelling, no pain on ROM of any kind so I thought I was ok. Slept on it well and today at work no problem.I have always had severly hypermobile joints( good for gymnastics style and form, bad for fucntional stablity and strength) and to really lock them out is always interesting.

I think it was just a tap from God to be carefull as I get stronger and back in shape. Hey, you can get hurt in Yoga man, be careful.Ok I got it.

It was interesting that I had really stretched out that position all day, as well, against the way working on my external rotation. THe idea that I had messed up one of my few remaining functional joints was sickening.It just cuts to the quick andputs everything into perspecitive.

Work is way more important than performance.

Instant appreciation for all current levels of strength, flexibility, funtionality and general lack of joint pain( comparitively).
The good news is that the first half of class was all killer no filler. I had decided to stop whining about how much I hated standing series because it hit me so early in the routine and I'm never warmed up enough for it. I decided to stop thinking of it as standing series and start thinking of it as my leg workout.
I don't squat anymore, even with a kettlebell, except to work the squat stretch as a pattern of movement.The standing series would become my squat work.It would balance my lack of squatting in kb workouts by really focusing just on the legs and not the back.
My standing series was strong as hell.Way cool.
Then the elbow....
But all is cool and I will snatch the 20 kg as planned tomorrow.Then another double class on Sunday, but paying way more attention to everything.
That was close.


Dave said...


Just wondering if you have an email address I can contact you at,I have some questions about an injury and I was hoping I could ask you.

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