Saturday, November 08, 2014

40 kg One Arm Five minute swing test.

Wow. This was a surprise. I thought about doing this all week but last night had pretty much decided I wouldn't. I just remembered how hard the 36kg test was last March and wasn't sure I should be pushing the red line today. My shoulder was achey for the first time in a few weeks and my hip was tight too so I thought I should just do a regular workout with the 40 and not complicate it with a time deadline.

I even thought the same when I woke up this morning But, as I warmed up I thought 'why not?' I was feeling better and looser and thought I would at least give it a try.

SO I did and I was much surprised with the result. 95 reps in 4:57 so I didn't make my hundred, nor were they legal chest height BUT the bell felt much lighter in my hand than the 36 kg did last time and my 15 second on 15 second Snatch Vo2 pace worked great.

Except I couldn't make the intervals :)
But I was very close.
The damn bell was just too heavy for me to move any faster and I had to get my hands ON the bell 2 seconds at least before the buzzer to make it work. and man I make a lot of damn noise when it's heavy and I can't breathe. :)

Next time.

last time I did this I thought I would never be able to do it with the 40 kg.This was a great test and affirmation of my training and work capacity increases. Very happy. AND I'm not tweaked at all. Finished up the rest of the workout strongly Glad I chose to do it.

Nick started with me using the beast but came to his senses after four sets. Glad he tried with me though.

Two hand swings
40 kg x 6
          x 7
          x 8
          x 10
these were easy and the back and hammies felt fine

Goblet squats
20 kg x 3
24 kg x 3
32 kg x 3

very strong and good depth

Double 24 kg front squat
2 24 kg x 5 x 3 sets PR

NO warmup ( was too tired ,lol) and they went strong ALL time PR!

4 laps of 50, 60, 70, 70 feet

Need to make SURE crawls are in the mix at least once a week. Vital

well that's it for sure/VERY pleased with everything.

Tomorrow a strong Ruck.



Kettlebell Courage Corner Seattle WA said...

Outstanding Mark. You continue to inspire. I am going for me SFG1 in Vancouver BC next weekend and cannot wait to enjoy that experience, environment, and the people of Stronf First.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Chris, have a great time at the cert it is a once in a lifetime experience. you'll do great I am sure.