Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Double Swings, deload week

I've been going heavy and heavier and heavier and we all know what happens on the next level of this " tough guy" cycle: injured! Well I've learned my lesson and this week was a back off. Not at all, actually because I think I'm on the verge of injury, of approaching my 'red line'  in terms of intensity or volume, but that I've been pushing the same button ( heavy) on these for quite awhile and now it's time to back off a bit and rebuild the quality.

I wanted to do some lighter swings with better float and height of the bells so I settled on the 20 kgs, It was the perfect choice ; the power was up and the acceleration better as well.

Still in the 90's so it was a sweaty one again and no fan either :) I love to sweat.

Double swings
2 16's x 10 x 2
2 20's x 10 x 15 sets
150 reps
13,200 lbs! 

wow that adds up fast in tonnage! nice. I really had to set the torque in my left foot more than I remember to keep the load  'out' of my knee. More internal rotation than I recall needing but you do what the body says is right; or pay the price .

Sled drags ( shoulder straps)
75 lbs x 200 ft  x 2 laps ( pr)

65 lbs x 200 ft x 5 laps

this was good but tough. VERY hot, the gas tank was now pretty low after swings and my left hammie was tight. Got it done and survived but it was just pure work and concentration.

Band curls ( black )
3 x 10

the shoulders continue to be pretty much painfree and in the 'right' place. It's a freakin' miracle.:) No joke.

Now to get this left calf to unlock and we're good to go.:)


Happy Independence Day tomorrow. There is no place in the World like America, no place I would rather live or be part of. The Idea of America was something that gave the opportunity of Individual Freedom and Liberty and there is little more we all need if we don't have that. :)
We must be Strong to be Free.
And stay free. :)


Diana said...

Way to truly know your body and when it's time to back off!
I started up swinging again yesterday and even though it was only with my 8kg, I'm feeling it this morning! Can't wait to get back up to heavy.

Happy 4th!

Mark Reifkind said...

When I'm feeling my strongest is the time. Better to back up rather than fall off. don't be greedy :)