Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Any port in a storm.

After doing my best to lop off the tip of my middle finger last night while cutting veg for my stir fry it was  not exactly certain that I would make my workout at all today. It took forever to get the wound to stop bleeding( it was a nice chunk, not a slice) and when we did ( thank you my bride for helping me :) It was wrapped up like a sausage most of the day.

I schlepped kbs all morning as part of work so I knew I could hook grip the thing and get some kind of training in but I had no idea how heavy I could go, or SHOULD go :) I didn't want the thing to start spurting blood again!

I considered just doing right arm swing work but thought I could get some double work in, as scheduled.

Things went great on the warmups, up until double 24's when I realized I just couldn't get that middle finger to grip the bell enough to hold. Then I realized I had a pair of lifting straps hanging around and thought why not?

I actually have been toying with the idea of using straps in my workout to take the grip out of the equation and be able to handle more weight for more reps and sets and not have my grip be the limiting factor. Perfect oppportunity to test it out.

Double bell swings
2 14's x 5
2 16's x 5
2 20's x 5
2 24's x 5
2 28's x 5 x 10 sets

this worked pretty damn well, all things considered The straps helped for sure but I could still feel the lack of grip working it's way up to the shoulder and that's no good. The hand is the direct connect to the shoulder and the stabilizing force of the rotator cuff ; take it out of the equation with caution.

My original plan for today was double 36 kgs but that was definitely out of the question but this was a solid compromise. Any port in a storm indeed

Sled drags
60 lbs x 200ft x 6 laps

these were good but I actually felt better without the brace, and gait was better than with it! With no load the brace helps tremendously but with the sled it didn't! What's that about? it was a balmy 90+ degrees and muggy as hell so there was plenty of work done. decent pace too.

Back press
double strands
3 sets of 10!

these went well, so much stronger and am close to getting them in position myself. SOMuch better than when we first got them!

of, that's it. time to change the bandage and get some chow.


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