Monday, February 18, 2013

Pressing a little

What a weekend in Salt Lake City at the StrongFirst Leadership meeting. Great stuff got done but despite getting a lot of walking in ( and it went great!) I did little else physically. Almost no stretching either but I didn't seem to suffer at all from it.

Walking and sitting on the floor more than chairs helped too but I was ready to get back to training and my schedule for the the next three weeks before I take off again for the first ever SFG cert in Houston in three weeks.

6 -7 am Full Rifga stretchout

Wow, haven't done this in awhile and my cancelled client allowed me the opportunity to really get things opened up. I worked the splits again for the second time this week and I think it's a mistake now.
It must stretch a nerve in my left leg because it locked up pretty good right after that. I stopped playing around with these months back and now I think that was the reason. I just didn't help my knee extension as much as I wanted and it always seemed to bother something,

It's out then.

1:30 pm
One arm swing warmup
16 kg x 5/5 x 3

KB Press
 16 x 5/5
20 x 4/4
24 x 1/1
28 x 1/1

32 x 1 right 28 x 1 left x 2 sets
28 x 1 right 24 x 1 left x 2 sets

This was easy on both the right and the left up to the 28 but I didn't want to chance it on the 32 kg. Thats 44% of my BW today at 157 , The 36  would have gone I'm pretty sure and that's half my BW without any direct press training lately at all!

Just a few negatives done after my snatch holds once a week, pushups, although I do have years and years and years of press experience, that's for sure.Not going to train this at all but it's nice to make contact with it every once in a while. Going to add Handstand pushups back in soon and I think I will try the 36 kg next time I do this.

Two kb swings

2 16s x 10
2 20's x 10 x 9 sets
90 reps
7920 lbs

these went great, the groove was solid , bell speed high and not hard at all to produce a lot of good force. this is becoming one of my favorite swing variations. Never ever would have believed that :))

Belt squats
40 kg x 25 x 4 sets

these were very solid and helped to balance the tension out in my legs almost immediately. Medium stance and today I used a much more relaxed, endurance style breathing and that helped as well. I'm going for reps not max power so I don't need so much power breathing. Great quad work.

BB laterals SS band side raises
3 sets of 10/10 each

these feel great and balance the stress on the shoulder out very well.

Have to start thinking about Saturday's 200 rep snatch workout with 20 kg and 8 sets of 13/13.
No problem :))



Joe Sarti said...

Wow, 28 and even 32kg press! I know it's not an issue of strength but great to see all the work has enabled you to confidently press. Excited to see you mention handstand push-up, a goal of mine!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Joe, it's one of those moves I think I can "do" bu shouldn't "train".