Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Snatch Vo2 35 sets of 7, backoff week.

And boy I need it. Even though the 35 sets weren't hard physically, they were tough mentally and I was anxious just before, well actually for an hour, knowing what was coming. 90 degree heat didn't help but that shouldn't be an issue.

I'm just always worried I'm going to lose my form but it held great and, excellent news here, my left shoulder was perfect all workout! No clunks, no impingement, nothing.The left side decided to use a different form today but that was fine with me as it didn't hurt and was back to resembling my right side again. Keeping the arm in as close as possible to the head really helps.

My proprioception has been off lately and the wider I reach left the worse the shoulder felt and the further left I went. It's always good to video yourself and see what actually is going on as opposed to what you feel is going on

Time to take a break now, next week and do a few weeks of slower work and higher reps. then come back to break 50 sets. That's what my body is saying and I'm listening. Plus I've the next two weekends of certs( Primal Move this weekend and Max Barbell impact after that) and I've got to taper a bit

8:30 am -9:30
full stretchout and Primal move style play. Getting ready. this felt great and my body felt the best it has in eons. Square Plumb and Neutral: my goal for years is finally coming to fruition.It's key for me to remember that my primary training is Flex/Mobility work, not resistance.That makes the rest even possible

1 pm
Snatch Vo2
35 sets of 7
16 kg
245 reps
8820 lbs

perfect work load. tough but no problem on the CNS

One arm KB rows
24 k x6/6
28kg x 6/6
32 kg  x6/6 x 2

have to stay ahead of Stina :))

these were good but still feel heavy.

Two Hand CB arm cast
15x 10/10
25 x10/10 x 4

perfect finisher.


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