Saturday, December 08, 2012

24 kg Snatch Re Load

Since we hit 200 reps in the last 24 kg snatch workout it was time to up the reps a bit and download the total volume. My back was more tired than expected after Thursday's double bell swings and power swings with the band so  140 or so reps was just fine for me.

Got a good stretchout this am, especially back over stability ball bends and up dogs to stretch out my tight front panel. straddle stretches and down dogs as well as over head work as well. Felt solid when the guys showed up and it was go time.

Never will take that for granted, it's so cool to NOT be doing rehab and actually be able to practice and train

16 kg x 5/5 x2
20 kg x 4/4

24 kg x 6/6 x 12 sets
144 reps
7632 lb

Very solid and not that hard at all. It wasn't long ago at all that this volume would have been a recent pr. now it's just a down week. Nice :)

 Made some good adjustments  in my lumbo pelvic rhythm on my  left side and I think it's finally the right move. On my right I just have to lean a bit on the descent and my hips go back. Doesn't work that way on my left and I've tried about every permutation.
Except what I did today.

Today I leaned into it to begin but instead of either 1) continuing to lean or 2) trying to push back as well I tried to squat and got the reach back I wanted. Of course I didn't get this figured out until the 11th set but it feels right.

Since  my left knee doesn't fully lock out OR bend easily it changes the mechanics quite a bit from left hand to right and I think this adjustment makes it work. It certainly felt more fluid and I felt like I finally had a  "bottom" position  on my left side.

Shield Casts
 15 x 10/10
25 x 10/10
35 x 8/8 !

Arm Cast

45 x 5/5!!

nice! haven't had this in my hands for quite some time! It's FREAKIN' HEAVY! but they moved well and only hit myself in the head a few times :))

P bar pushups
bw x7
1 chain x 5 x 2

not bad but shoulder moving around after the first 3 reps. Not bad  but noisy. Press felt strong though.

And we have a new addition to the team at Stones Gym. Joe Sarti all over wunderkind is training with us now on Saturday. Joe is an amazing athlete and has been a student and training partner of mine off and on for many many years. Joe can do it all; he's fast, strong, flexible, mobile,athletic and very very strong. did I say strong? Joe came within inches in his pullup of Taming the Beast a few years ago and killed the press and the pistol at about 170 lbs. here's his website .
Good to have you with the crew Joe.
And how nice it is to have a crew again, thank you Nick and Glenn.



Joe Sarti said...

So great to be back and with a great group of men! Funny thing is I am the weakest of the whole crew :) and that's not bad considering the strength of this group, thinking about this yesterday I realized if you had us all in a powerlifting meet on a real good day we as a group would hit over 6000 lbs, not bad and yes I would be in last place ;)

Thank you Rif for the kind words, a reflection of my teacher ;)

Cannot wait till next Saturday!

Mark Reifkind said...

Joe ,lol, you are not the weakest at all, just a bit out of training. great to have you as part of the crew bring great strength and energy to the workout.:))

Joe Sarti said...

:-)) good to be apart of the crew! Saturday cannot come soon enough!