Wednesday, October 13, 2021

195 lb press x 1 x 10 sets, 24 kg swings, green band pushdowns

 This went way good. Had to abandon the new setup and just try  to roll the bar into me with even hands as it wasn't working and distracting me. Couldnt even get the bar centered under the "X" even.

Once I went back to the old set up things flew.

1) Spot the X on the unrack

2) Flex glutes

3) Hip drive to start the press ( and KEEP glutes tight!)

It flowed very well once I got into set 3 or

On set 7 I didn't drive hip enough and elbows flared. Imagine that

knee felt great, could lockout and walk normally NO calf tightness/spasm! SO MUCH BETTER
wrist and elbow all good too! thank you
And vertigo just about gone and I think it's from my eyes now more than ever. Too much screen time!

24 kg swings
5 x 8/8
really strong!

Green band pushdowns

Surprisingly hard but good. Kickback like peak contraction at bottom of each rep and shoulders didn't complain
And elbows were not involved
Love the long head work on the extensions but this is the third time it tweaked my elbows a bit and can't have that

BW 177~
BF 14.4

Not being in pain helps keep my weight up lol

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