Saturday, April 20, 2024

Thursday hot ruck

 Windless, cloudless 78 degree ruck.. No problem, shockingly

Not fast as legs were tired from Wed but solid overall

45 lbs

6 laps

3 miles

55 min


Wednesday, April 17, 2024

195 x 1 x 11 , 20 kg swings 5 x 8/8, floor pushups 35, 25

  Not great sleep and a bit sore ( no aspirin for last three days) so all in all it was a strong day . Just definitely not 'fresh' 

Biggest takeaway: more focus on 'elbows up' right before unracking. If elbows are not up bar tends to go foward and I have to lay back more- more chance to get loose.

SO elbows up more. and widen stance JUST a little bit, as I have my grip
Also, lock legs hard  after the stand up too and get tighter, faster after the 'fast start' 

1) A little wider grip

2) A little wider stance

3) Elbows up!

4)  Lock!

5) Tight bounce to X



Monday, April 15, 2024

225 x SO CLOSE, 220 x 1 ( 34th) 205 x 1 x 5, laterals rear delts wt pushups

 This was GREAT! So close on the two plate and wanted to take it again. But I took 220 instead and came  up with one of my all time bests with 100kg!

But the most important thing is is that the technique is right AND I could do it. Just lost a little tightness with 225 or it would have gone! Next time and now I have some confidence in the technique; FAST START! Press to the X!

I also think the one finger wider grip is helping too. shoulders are ok with it so far

I also figured our after the 220 that I need to really keep the elbows up and in after I unrack the bar. that REALLY HELPED on ALL the 205 sets

 BW 174.4

Sunday ruck

 Strong and fast one! Legs were tired from all the fast volume on Sat but still overall speed not bad

45 lb ruck

9 laps


4.5 miles

Saturday, April 13, 2024

32 kg swings 20 x 5,( 28 min )32 kg belt squats 3x10 pistols 2 x 4, pullaparts 3 x 30

 This was hard. Strong but tough. HR between 130 and 150 the entire time. Every rep hardstyle with just about  a minute between sets for all three of us..  Happy I only have to do this once a month. Don't know what 'zone' it's in but it's hardzone to me lol

HR still up on squats  lol



Friday, April 12, 2024

Heat ruck thursday

 Nice start to the heat season

80 degrees

no clouds

no breeze

45 lbs

6 laps

55 min

not that bad, in better heat shape than I thought I would be at this point

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

220 x 1 (33rd) 215 x 1 , 195 x 1 x 6 ( fast start technique!) 20 kg swings 4 x 8/8 pushups 40, 35


Actually a great day. With the exception of a first miss with 220 every other  set went perfectly. The  fast start technique was awesome! Easy to use and with minimal moving parts and cues; Just spot the X stand up and think speed!

Opened my grip up one thumb with off the smooth and I think that helped too. Less elbow flare I feel like I can also attack this too

175 x 1
195 x 1
205 x 1
215 x 1 (  strong and fast!)
220 x miss
220 x 1( 33rd time) lockout not great but countable!
195 x 1 x 6

BW 174.8

Monday, April 08, 2024

205 x 1,215 x 1 warmup 2022


Another good fast start technique workout

Fast Start example

 One of my best two plate efforts

the week before same technique

Total shit. Didn't work 220 miss and all over the place


Didn't work at all. No speed off the chest, elbows flared, missed all the lockouts, Definitely not  the answer

195 x X

195 x 1

205 x 1 shitty lockout
210 x 1 same

220 x 3/4

205 x 3/4 x 3

180 x 1 x 2 Just thought " fast start"

190 x 1 fast start not bad

200 x 1 same

Will go heavy again Wednesday with this


rear delts


Strong Sunday ruck

 This came out of nowhere. Especially considering rough night sleep. very strong, super fast and no issues

45 lb ruck

9 laps

1:20 min!

4.5 miles

legs felt light loose and strong

Thursday hot ruck

 Windless, cloudless 78 degree ruck.. No problem, shockingly Not fast as legs were tired from Wed but solid overall 45 lbs 6 laps 3 miles 55...