Saturday, April 17, 2021

32 kg One Arm swings de load 10 x 8/8 , pistol practice, side and bent laterals


This went well. I always think right before this workout that I should up the reps to 10 per arm to make it harder. And I'm always quickly reminded this is quite enough. With the lighter bell my  force output is actually higher because it's moving both faster and higher and we always take less rest too. So it's harder that way

But the load was solid technique was on, legs and lungs were fine and it was nice not to have to push  quite so hard

One arm swings

16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg  x 5/5
24 kg x 4/4
32 kg x 8/8 x 10

Pistol practice
Same method as last week. worked great

side and rear laterals
3 x 8/8 with 15s

BW 177.2
BF 12.3
W 58.7

Friday, April 16, 2021

Solid ruck

 Got to start an hour early today ( 11 am instead of high noon ) and it was great. Nice and cool and a bit overcast and it make the ruck much nicer. Legs felt good although not fresh yet

Nothing fast but steady pace the whole way and shins and calves were perfect

45 lb ruck
6 laps
48 min

BW 177.2
BF 14.5

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

195-210-185 presses,24 kg swings, laterals, rear delts

 Well that didn't work well. Perhaps it was not enough rest even though I felt fine physically; good even. Big thick, not sore at all. But no go at all. Didn't help I worked right up to walking into the gym with no mental or physical prep time like usual.

But it shouldn't have made me this off

Good news, all my positions were correct, even on the misses

Bad news, I missed a lot


65 85 105 x 2
135 x 2
155 x 1
175 x 1 eh
195 x 1 meh
205 x miss  forward. always a tell

205 x 1 make but ugly and not easy
definitely not feeling 215 so I took 210 and couldn't lock it out!
then down to 205, again ugly
195 x 1 meh again. position and technique is actually fine just beat tired and flat

then 185 x 1 x 10 sets! finally started warming up ,lol at set five

these were actually good
24 kg swings

5 sets of 8/8

one arm laterals
3 x 8/8 20s
rear delts
3 x 10 20s

BW 177.6
BF 14.7
W 56.9

Monday, April 12, 2021

Press speed day, 175 x 2 x 8 sets, wt pushups, laterals, bent laterals

 This worked out perfectly and man was I ready for a light day. I felt rode hard and put up wet today and all day yesterday too. Just tired. CNS drop off from the heavy bells and all the hyper alertness with petunia being on death watch all week.

So today's workload was perfect and after my normal four sets to warmup the movement got a little peppy and all the pieces fit together. Wednesday should be interesting


65 85 105 x 2 

135 x 2
155 x 2
175 x 2 x 8 sets

set four

set eight
Pretty identical technique from start to finish and exactly the form I was shooting for. Very happy with finally understanding what I should be doing

Now, to get really really really good with it

Pushups on v parallettes
bw  x 8
53 x 8 x 3

laterals 3 x 8/8
rear delts 3 x 10 15s

BW 176.8
BF 14.7

12 noon
BW 177
BF 11.7
W 59.2

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Slow and sloggy ruck


Well that was hard. The super heavy swings and the con and eccentric pistols took their toll and I had to work for every step today

That's fine, I haven't had a hard one like that in awhile and its good to remember they're all not fast and loose and that it's about the work, especially when you don't want to do it

Especially then

I just kept telling myself to shut up just keep going and not even think about cutting it short

I wasn't hurt, I wasn't in any jeopardy, it was just hard, and boring and my head wasn't in it but that's when you just do it and suffer


 Not too slow overall really, all things considered

45 lb ruck

12 laps

13,449  steps

Speed 2.4 - 3.8 mph

total time for 12 laps 1:50

1:55 door to door

BW 175.8
BF 15.1

Saturday, April 10, 2021

60 and 68 kg One Arm Swings 7 x 5/5, 3 x 5/5, pistols practice, laterals/rear delts


This went better than expected. Since I haven't swung the 68 in two months and last months 60 kg workout was just 'getting back on the horse' after my rib injury I was very very pleased with my strength, technique and power today.

One arm swings

16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 4/4
28 kg x 4/4
32 kg x 4/4
36 kg x 4/4
40 kg x 4/4
44 kg x 4/4
48 kg x 4/4
60 kg x 5/5 x 7 sets
68 kg x 5/5 x 3 sets

This felt as good as the ones three months ago looked. Can't complain

Pistol practice
3 sets of 1 bottoms up followed by one regular rep , switch sides and repeat 3 times
6 total reps per leg, per set

this felt very good doing it this way, the combo of concentric only, a full eccentric/concentric rep and the fatigue sparing effects of alternating legs. I think this is the combo for now
Db laterals/rear delts
3 x 10/10 with 15s

BW 176.0
BF 13.5
W 57.6

New schedule
Decided to switch heavy press day to Wednesday. I've had tired legs the last four mondays from the heavy swings and rucking and no rest afterwards. Gettin' old I guess but I don't want to go into my most important lift tired anymore

The key is keeping Monday LIGHT ( no more than 175 lbs ) and  putting rep pushup day on Wednesday not monday ( as I did the last time I tried this)

Speed press 175 x 2 x 8 sets ( only!)
Wt pushups 3 x 8
laterals/ rear delts

Heavy Press singles
Speed swings
Floor pushups

Heavy swings
One arm laterals/rear delts ( heavy)

 lets see how this works. It makes the most sense. It gives me a full days rest after Monday and time to eat up as well as rest up

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

175 /185 lb press x 2 x 5 sets each, 24 kg speed swings

 This went very very well, despite being very sore from Monday's out of the groove work. It's pretty distinct on the days I grind out of the groove versus in it as I'm am much more muscularly sore from not having correct leverage. So it wasnt very fast or easy today BUT the techniques were right, and they held even at 185 for the second rep


65 85 105 x 3
135 x 2 singles
155 x 2
175 x  2 x 5 sets

then 185 for the same 2 x 5

 24 kg speed swings
5 x 8/8

didn't need pushups, too sore already

BW 176.6
BF 14.3

1 pm
BW 176.4
BF 11.3
W 59.4

32 kg One Arm swings de load 10 x 8/8 , pistol practice, side and bent laterals

  This went well. I always think right before this workout that I should up the reps to 10 per arm to make it harder. And I'm always qui...