Monday, March 27, 2023

225 x X 2, 215 x X x 2 ,205 x X x 2, pushdowns laterals, rear delts

 Well this sucked all the way around. Except for the warmups; they went well up to 205, then everything fell apart. I can't remember missing 205 for all the downsets but I did today

Slept like shit, was basically up since 12:30 with some brief REM sleep time. Didn't feel it affected me though so really can't blame it on that.

I did what I set out to do and it just didn't work. That was : elbows up high as possible during the setup, push up during the liftoff then look for the X as early as possible

I think that's what messed me up. I hinged back from the lower back instead of my hips counterbalancing me as I pressed. So the center of mass of the bar was behind my heels instead of over them. Lost balance on first attempt

Plus bar was too high on neck exacerbating that issue too

205 x 1 warmup

Made the bar position on second attempt but not enough acceleration and it stalled

225 x miss twice

then two worse misses with 215 twice!

then to add insult to injury three misses with 205!

Just horrible. the ONE thing I failed to do that I said made the biggest different was 

PUSH DOWN  I did not push down!

Overemphasis on too high  elbows and spotting the X too early messed it up

Not sure but I may go heavy again on Wednesday

BW 175.4

BF 14.5

Sunday, March 26, 2023

4.5 Mile Ruck 45 lbs

 Solid one although not fast. Most laps were around 8:25- 8:35. Not particularly tired but it was cold and I was slow to warmup.

Legs, lungs and back were feeling good tho

45 lbs

9 laps

1:30 min total

4.5 miles

last mile in 16:25

BW 175.4 !

BF 14.5

Saturday, March 25, 2023

44 kg One Arm Swings 16 x 5/5, 44 kg belt squats 3 x 10, pullaparts

 Really solid day. Cold start for some reason but by set 4 all was well and hit standard height from then on, and maintained it throughout.

Had to remember to set the grip deep after the first set and my grip was weak as hell. Then I realized I was just hooking it too casually. Deep set fixed things right up

One arm swings

16kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 4/4
24 kg x 4/4
28 x 4/4
32 x 4/4
36 x 4/4
40 x 4/4
44 x 5/5 x 15

then really good squats 3 x 10 with 44

feeling thick

miniband pullaparts 3 x 30

BW 174.6 !
BF 13.3 bath
W 57.7

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Thursday Ruck

decent one. Cool and crisp and overcast.

Legs pretty fresh from no ruck just walk on sunday

3 mile

45 lbs

most laps 8:30 or under

Last two laps right around 8:00

felt pretty strong

BW 174.6
BF 15.3! 

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

175 x 3 deadstops x 5 sets, 185 x 2 deadstops x 4 sets, 205 x 1, 24 kg swings, wt pushups

 This went great AND I found something VITAL in looking back over the videos already. I had success on trying to hold the bar above the pins and finding the X after I started to press BUT I saw that my best reps ALL started with the elbows HIGH UP. IN FRONT OF THE BAR.

The reps that went forward or slowed came from a dropped elbow position, every one

Good news is that the elbows up reps were usually the first ones, the second and or third reps the elbows dropped( wasn't trying to keep them up consciously) and those were the slow ones

Gonna change that immediately!!




first rep elbows not high enough, second rep good, third rep too low

first rep elbows too vertical, second better, third so so
first rep elbows PERFECT, second rep ok third rep good
first reps pretty close to perfect, second so so and too straight  an upward path

first rep ok second rep better
both reps PERFECT!
Elbow position really good but definitely should be higher, especially at this weight and higher
 then 24 kg swings 4 x 8/8

wt pushups on paralletes

horiz bar with wrapped thumb
3 x 10 with 53

Monday, March 20, 2023

225 lb press miss twice, 215 x 1 , 205 x 1 x 4, pushdowns laterals rear delts

 Was hoping for four in a row but just didn't come together. On video inspection two main problems : not REALLY pushing the bar up enough to have the bar high off the pins and failing to re spot the X at the sticking point. Either one of these was correct then either attempt might have finished

If I don't really push up I can't really push down and the soft knee start is back.  that always stalls at 3/4 which it did

I also seem to need to push much harder on the setup with the right arm; the elbow is too low and the bar dips to that side. Have to remember to focus on that.
Second attempt was somewhat better but failing to  spot the X let me shift back on my heels and it was over

then I took and missed 215 forward and then realized ( glenn did) that I wasn't looking at the X . took it over and made it

this wasn't that bad but still not exerting enough upward/downward pressure at the start

then 4 singles with 205 which were 'ok' but again wasn't getting tight enough. I will fix that

band pushdowns 3 x 10 blue and black bands

laterals and rear delts 3 x 8

can't wait for wednesday already

BW 175.0
BF 14.4

not bad sleep but definitely not feeling on my game. lots going on with the doggos

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Five Mile Fast walk


Started off with the ruck today but it immediately starting raining so I took it off, put on my raincoat and went back out

Then it stopped raining

But I figured it was time to do an unweighted fast walk anyway and I'm glad I did

It was glorious

Overcast skies, cool crisp air and slight drizzle and not cold. Perfect walking weather

Started out with 7:40 half miles and they just kept getting faster each lap as I warmed up

Laps 7 and 8 were 7:10 or so and the last mile was 14:02. I did ten laps today in 1:20 or so. really strong and great leg speed.

10 laps

5 miles


BW 174.8
BF 14.0

225 x X 2, 215 x X x 2 ,205 x X x 2, pushdowns laterals, rear delts

 Well this sucked all the way around. Except for the warmups; they went well up to 205, then everything fell apart. I can't remember mis...