Saturday, September 18, 2021

60 kg One arm swings 10 x 5/5, BW split squats,laterals, rear delts

 This went pretty well, all things considered. Right leg felt great but I can see from the video  the lockout wasn't that great. I'm just happy I didn't hurt anything. On the 36 kg bell warmup I felt a weird twinge in my right hip flexor but that went away immediately and didn't seem to affect anything after.  Another little twinge under the right knee cap on one rep with the 48 but that was ok too.


But the sets and reps with the 60 felt generally  good and height and power was decent too. Just nervous the whole time but now it's given me some confidence. If tomorrow morning is ok.

Oh, and the ruck, too

One arm swings

16-  48 kg warmups 4x4

60 kg one arm swings

10 sets of 5/5

BW split squats
3 sets of 10/10

laterals  3 x10

bent laterals 3 x 10 with 15s

BW 174.8
BF 12.2 ( bath)
W 58.5

Friday, September 17, 2021

Thursday fast walk


and fast it was! right  calf is about 90-95% better and it feels better moving than standing so I started the walk with high hopes and they were rewarded!

Did the first three laps in  a little over 21 minutes and things were flying! fast loose and easy

Finished with a last lap of 7:15 for .6 mile that means under 14 min/ mile!

Plus no calf issues.

Sunday will take the ruck out for 60 min and if leg feels ok finish up the next hour unweighted then go from there

BW 175.2
BF 13.3~

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

195 lb press x 1 x 8 , 24 kg swings, band tri extensions

 Things are finally getting back to almost normal. Tib Fib is just about tracking right and the correctives seem to be working. Enough that I slept really well last night and that's so key. When I'm in pain I can't sleep which increases tension, which  increases pain. Truly a vicious circle and one I'm so glad to be breaking it seems

Either way last night was great. And so was today. Sacrum has calmed down too and that makes me feel tons better and nothing scares me more than that going out again

I might have taken back extension to it's productive limit for me and have to include a wee bit of posterior tilt/ lower ab activation in the mix. So I went down in heel height to the Adidas Power lift shoe instead of inov8 and it seemed easier to get into, and stay in balance today

I also really focused on NOT RUSHING into the press after the unrack and just settling in. It made an immediate difference. Once I not only locked my knees but kept them locked at the sticking point everything went very smoothly

If my knees get soft at sticking point my elbows flare. Anytime my knees flex to help start the lift or give in the middle my elbows flare and it's pretty much game over

Took me half way through the workout to get that  but it was worth it

56 85 105 x 2
135 x 2
155 x 1
175 x 1 x 2
185 x 1 x 3

195 x 1 x 8

24 kg swings  ( also adidas shoe)
5 x 5/5 being cautious


green and red mini band tri ext
3 x 15

BW 15.2
BF 14.3

Monday, September 13, 2021

Press 205, 215, 220 ( ugly) , wt pushups, one arm laterals, rear laterals

 Pretty much a disaster and good thing I didn't really fuck myself up considering how disconnected I was from my lower body today

Calf tight last night and sleep medium poor. Not horrible but was just not really awake and getting seriously tired of this injury

Activating adductors while standing at work seemed to help a lot. We'll see if it holds but I REALLY miss walking around feeling NOTHING in my body, especially  my legs and hips

The press technique itself was fine but I just could not hold my lower body tight or really root down. My brain just didn't trust the legs and while the bar launched off my chest, when it hit sticking point the legs got soft and I ended up giving just enough to fuck up the lockouts.

Plus, it felt unsafe and I was stupid for keep adding weight to the bar. Lesson learned. Hopefully this won't jack my up tomorrrow am

65 85 105 x 2
135 x 2
155 x 1
175 x 1 fast
195 x 1 solid
205 x 1 legs not solid already, elbows flared

215 x MISS, 215 x 1 ( shown) just not rooted

220 x almost - no base lock
second attempt   at 220 just a miss
205 x 1 down set x 5
1 miss
1 super ugly
3 finished but meh
all upper body


wt pushups
bw x 10
53 x 10 x 3 slow with pause at lockout

one arm laterals
3 x 10/10 with 20

rear delt
3 x 10 20

4 am
BW 174.4
BF 14.3

12 noon ( bath)
BW 175.2
BF 11.0
W 59.7

Sunday Walk

 This went well, as far as the walk went. Everything started fine and finished fine but the right calf tightened up soon after and persisted through the night. Nothing terrible, and better than of late, but still annoying and still enough to rob me  of a great nights sleep.

The cat behaved my my calf wouldn't. This is really getting to me. 

Sleeping with the super nova helps but I'm still not hitting the right muscle to get the relief and to re balance it. Activating dorsi flexion helps as does squat pattern with big toe UP but it's not the key

Today as I write this ( monday afternoon) I used the supernova between legs while standing to activate adductors and this seemed to make the biggest difference yet

We'll see tonight but so far knee lockout is best it's been in weeks and the dull ache is gone , for now



9 laps

1.5 hours

No squat stretches

10, 750 steps

ave pace 3.5 mph ( high on 4.9 mph)

NO asymmetries

stride length normal

BW 175.4
BF 13.8

Saturday, September 11, 2021

48 kg One arm swings 10 x 5/5, bodyweight split squats, laterals, rear delts


Good day, A bit scattered from all the political bullshit but calf/ knee is feeling much better, gotten two almost three nights of decent sleep and stress levels are basically down. at least much better than recently

Thank g-d back/sacrum and sciatica seem to be dealt with ( I think mainly from stress/ panic and that's gone) . that really freaks me out; which of course makes it worse etc, etc

Weird but on first set with 48 I totally  lost my grip! on both hands. I was just hook gripping it it seems and once I took a deep palm set it was fine but that was weird. did 3 and three and didn't count that set

One Arm swings
48 kg x 10 sets of 5/5 ( usual warmups )

Once I got going these were strong. Height actually looks pretty decent on the video and body mechanics and power seemed good

Split squat lunges


these felt good and I'll keep these for the near future. I think the pistol requires me to over grip the toe and that was some part of this fibula ankle lockout

laterals/rear delts

3  x 10/10 15s

BW 174.4
BF 12.2
W 58.5

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

195 lb press x 1 x 8 sets, 24 kg swings 5 x 5, green band extensions

 What a weird ass night and day. Had to report for jury  duty selection this AM at 10 am and it messed me up. Got almost no sleep, my tib fib was aching and even my lower back got in the act , which I KNEW was purely from stress but it stressed me out even more

Back shit trips me out these days and I can't even bear to think about dealing with that crap again like I lived for so long. After feeling SO great for these so many  years. But I know what's it from and I'm dealing with it. 

But the no sleep thing fucks me up more than anything. Trying to FORCE yourself to relax is impossible and each second you don't get sleep the more you freak out,

Then long ass walk getting lost to the courthouse, sweating my balls off and ending up walking 3 miles at a solid pace

Good news was the knee felt great and that it was opening up during the walk. But more stress

All's well that ends well and I didn't get picked and actually got home in time to  jump in the gym!

It was a great session all things considered!


195 x 1 x 8 sets

Over all technique for the sets were 'ok' but not perfect. Once I went back to the Cues and actually Spotted hard then things got faster




24 kg swings

5 x 5 knee felt fine here

green band ext

3 x 30

taking it easy

BW 173.4 !! WHAT?

BF  13.7 lightest I've been in awhile

Monday, September 06, 2021

215, 220 press and 222.5 press attempts, floor pushups, 3 way band pullapart

 All things considered this was a great workout. Right knee (fibula/ calf) was still 'out' and giving me grief. A little better and I have a little better handle on what to do but it's still achey.Slept ok after basically not sleeping at all monday night so pretty fatigued going in and the pain is getting to me.Especially not being able to walk well and gimping around again

I find that SO abhorrent now I can barely deal with it. Being able to walk painfree and squat down as well is everything. Any  thing else is really gravy and when I can't do that,it drives me nuts

I know I'll get out of this but man I do enjoy what's been going on these last years. It all stems from heavy  rucking and getting heavy on my right leg of late ( extra ball of foot calluses) and overworking that right soleus and, I guess, the popliteus. Just hit that breaking point.

But I'm figuring a lot of new stuff I need to know and remember out too and that's good.

Strange as it may seem it looks like a vertical shin, wider stance squat pattern is activating the glutes and upper hams and that seems to help a lot get the fib/tib to slide and glide :)
the exact opposite of everything I've been doing for years

Makes sense, actually,

Nothing hurt when I pressed but did not have a lot of confidence in my rooting and I got loose or I would have made the 220 better and actually made the 222.5


65-175 warmup

195 x 1

205 warmup not bad
215 x 1 got loose at sticking point but bar path was solid and that saved me
220 x 1 ( well, almost but I'm counting it. knees gave and got loose at stick but again, bar path was good

222.5 x miss first attempt

205 x 1 x 5 down sets

the cues were simple

Spot the X

Lock the knee

Drive the head

very very happy with the consistency of the bar path for what was a lot of heavy reps

Plus I was light 174.4! pain  kills my  appetite plus bad sleep and spending too much time working on myself

Floor pushups

no training partners so this seemed right. hard too , haven't done reps in months and months

3 way band pullaparts

3 x 30

BW 174.4
BF 14.5

60 kg One arm swings 10 x 5/5, BW split squats,laterals, rear delts

 This went pretty well, all things considered. Right leg felt great but I can see from the video  the lockout wasn't that great. I'm...