Wednesday, June 09, 2021

195 lb press x 2 x 8 sets,24 kg swings, floor pushups, band rev curls

  Was a very solid day today despite being fairly tired ( still have this car at night problem, not great sleep) and a bit sore from Monday heavy work. I've wanted to go heavier on Wed lately to test the new technique but I'm pretty  confident that it's right now and will probably back off to 185 and work better speed and longer overhead holds. Today was tough as muscularly things were fatigued 

In a good way but in a way nonetheless


65 85 105 x 2
135 x 2
155 x 2
175 x 2
185 x 2
195 x 2 x 8 sets!

these felt great. Seems I have to focus on KEEPING the knees locked at the sticking point as much as locking them prior to the start 
so the cues


if I keep them locked right after the drive to the face then I can stay under the bar as I fight in the lockout
If they leak at all it's very hard to maintain leverage

This feels very natural to me and easiest yet to remember and not 'gap' during the activation

24 kg swing

5 sets of 8/8
no problem

floor pushups
2 sets of 50
done. everythings toasty

Band reverse curls ( red)
3 x 12
these feel right

BW 177.8
BF 14.0

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