Thursday, March 05, 2020

Half ruck

Tried to wear my Danner Tannicus's for todays ruck and it was  disaster! Barely made it 3 laps before my calves and shins gave out! So weird. I really want to be able to wear these boots as they look so cool but they don't work and I'm going to have to accept it.
For some reason the boot won't let my ankle dorsiflex well and it totally ruins my ankle mobility and motor pattern! The anterior tib loads up, the left calf and popliteus  and nothing feels right. To GoodWill they go!

SO I went home and bought the coyote version of my MacV1's!! The new Gen 2s literally just came out. Going to try to wear them to ruck in as the Salomons are about done.These Gen 2 version supposedly have a beefed up outer sole and toe box. We'll see, just hope they feel as good as the black version
30 min ruck
3 laps
4198 steps
1.8 miles

BW 172
BF 14.1

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