Wednesday, March 11, 2020

135-170 lb Press weight ladder(all pauses), 22 kg snatch,single arm laterals

This went great! Feeling really well these last few days; the best I have ever adapted to DST and have been sleeping really  well. Finally don't feel sick at all and cough is 99% gone. Energy was solid.

The goal of today's workout was to decide if the new unrack position would work and it's a yes. Trying to unrack it to an upright position instead of laying back and holding the weight with the arms and legs not just the hips

Seemed to work well and Glenn figured out I have to drive my head back first as I press- I was thinking shoulders back instead but head back is much better cue.. Reps are a bit harder as re claiming the unrack stance is tougher but keeping the weight on the center of the foot seems to be a key

It might help a lot that the first rep is the best- that's all I really need, eh?

The more upright unracking also seemed to put my elbows right under the bar and that seemed to help as well

65 85 105 x 5
135 x 5 all pauses
145 x 5
155 x 5
165 x 5
170 x 4 ( could have made five but didn't want to grind)
135 x 3 x 2 form practice
95 x 3 x 2

22 kg kb snatch

5 x 5/5
decent, and overhead position still seems best in a long time

one arm lateral
20 lbs  x 10/10 x 3

rear delt
20 lb x 3 x 10

BW 173.2
BF 14.7

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