Sunday, March 22, 2020

Corona Ruck

 the good news is that being sheltered in place is not upsetting my regular routine all that much. Regular ruck and hanging out at home taking my usual two nap sunday after is just about regular

except the whole rest of the world is turning to shit. fast. But all I can do is do what I can and stay as strong and healthy as I can to help others and my family

Never appreciated being able to walk strong, breathe deeply and easily and how beautiful my neighborhood is as today

50 lb ruck
11 laps
6 squat stretches
12,193 steps
5.4 miles
1:55 min

Legs were light and relatively loose, if not strong or bouncy but I took it very slowly and just put in the time. stopped and chatted with neighbors out as well so I was a lap short but that's just fine

Have a big 60 kg swing day tomorrow and want the legs fresh anyway

BW 172.2
BF 13.6

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