Saturday, February 01, 2020

Closest yet! 220 lb press x X x 2, 205 x 1 x 5,pistols, floor pushups

SO CLOSE! At first I thought my technique was spot on and I just wasn't strong enough, but close examination of the start shows I dropped my elbows just a bit and let my T spine shift forward, again. just a bit, but enough to put the bar path too forward for me to overcome it

Goods news is that I am wicked strong and almost got it anyway!

This 205 on the way up was as fast as I've ever done it

AND I don't drop the elbows back at all and the groove was pretty much perfect for me

I think I confused "long pause" with "long pause after I get into the right position in the layback.  I 'held" right after unracking it, THEN layed back and held again but I shifted that slight bit. Oh well at least I can see it

Also good news is that after I pressed it I did not shift forward but "stayed back" as I was focusing on as well

I'll get it and then, once I get this sussed, 225 in short order too.

65 85 105
135 x 2
155 x 1
175 x 1
195 x 1 fast
205 x 1 fast!
220 x X
220 x Nothing lol. bad start and I figured that was it
205 x 1 x 4 GREAT
       x 3/4 messed up the start getting tired

4 x 5/5
legs are staying sore a bit
back to more primal squat stretches all day at work again and I can feel it

Floor pushups
2 x 52 strong
1  x 52 Nick says last 7 were really short reps. All paused at top or I wouldn't have made them
still good

BW 173.2
BF 13.3 ( bath)
W 57.7

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