Sunday, June 21, 2020

Steady State Ruck

Decent one today although it took almost an hour for my legs, both calves and quads, to loosen up. All those swings and pistols are doing their job but  it made for a slow 5 laps. and then they only loosened because I actually stopped and rested for 2+ min to  see if that would help.And it did , but man it was tight
Of course I didn't  stretch out enough this morning but that's another story. I did 15 min but probably needed 15 more. But I didn't feel that tight til I got under  the ruck

So I need to actually ruck walk, not just walk, on Thursdays as I can feel the loss of leg strength , endurance. so back to the ruck

50 lb
12 laps
9 squat stretches
12,706 steps
5.6 miles
1:55 min
last 1.5  in about 23 min so 7:30 .5 mile pace. Decent.

Lets really opened up that last half hour. SO nice

BW 174.8
BF 14.

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