Saturday, April 27, 2019

40 kg Swings 10 x 10/10, pistols/ 1 arm shield casts, wt pushups laterals

Solid day. These are hard even when I'm in shape. 30 seconds of what essentially is a weighted sprint over and over is just hard. And, if you're not pushing as hard as you can,trying to accelerate that bell as hard as you can then you're doing it wrong

So even when you get stronger it gets hard cause you make it harder.

That's the task and that's how you get better but it sucks

Embrace the suck, eh?

One arm Swings
16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 4/4
28 kg x 4/4
32 kg x 4/4
40 kg x 10/10 x 10
200 reps
17,600 lbs
RPE 7.5

Pistol practice/ one arm shield cast supersets
3 x 5/5
3 x 8/8 with 10 lb club  great to have these back in the mix again! my wrist is better and I need this for a lot of reasons. Just start light and go slow

wt pushups
bw x 10
53 x 10 x 3 false grip

these were good and false grip took pressure off biceps tendon which thumb over was producing

3 x 6/6 with 20's

strong again. slight forward lean takes the pressure off biceps here too

BW 170.
BF 12.6
W 58.6

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