Thursday, March 14, 2019

5 lap ruck

It wasn't perfect but it got done.

Had errands to do before I rucked which made getting out the door even harder than usual. At least it was cool. Up until the 6th lap when it got hot and I got weak and packed it in.Lots of good excuses but the main was I pussed out and just didn't want to do it. five laps is better than no laps but I lost my will, and, while it sucks it's ok. It's been a rough month and I'm getting back to it but there is no hurry

And I had a big steak waiting for me :)

48 lb ruck
5 laps
Boredom level : High

BW 167 back and forth
BF 13.3  more h20 it seems

ok gotta get some sleep

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