Wednesday, March 27, 2019

20 kg speed swings; 40 sets of 8,standing press 10x3 111-127, walking lunges, laterals

 This was easier than expected. perhaps I'm getting back into cardio shape again. that would be nice.It's been awhile

20 kg speed swings
40 sets
320 reps
14,080 lbs moved !! nice workload
RPE 7.5

I was a bit worried going in but it was relatively easy, and strong. Last five sets were hard but mentally no problem and form stayed totally solid. Back to the ba boom- down then back and getting a good stretch reflex

Standing press
65 x 5
85 x3
111 x 3 x 3
121 x 3 x 3
127 x 3 x 4

solid. the timing is coming. hips then shove. triceps and shoulders a bit tired though from monday.

walking lunges
4 laps of 20 ft bw

very solid and knees feel very good. the best in months. not creaky at all

3 x 8/8 with 15/s

very strong

BW 169.4
BF 12.9

ruck up tomorrow

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